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Babe Longs for Full Length Hosiery

Chalk up another victory for hot chicks. Is there anything they can’t do?

For years local indie babe has had to suffer the cold autumns by only wearing half length panty hose and maybe a scarf. “Which started as necessity has now become my own panty hose line called, there Noway Hose”, says a half nude panty hosed babe. The full length hosiery line will debut early 2011.

Polaroids copies Coke

balloon boy nude tits attempt hoaxballoon boy nude tits attempt hoax

Balloon boy will try to ride in babes C cup balloons. Scientists believe it is physically impossible, cheapest however that will not hinder his attempt.

Polaroids are back, ambulance and so is Coke New Formula. Great.

Crazy Babes On Rise


A nurse in Fort Lauderdale, information pills Florida, stands accused of reusing dirty medical equipment on patients….dirty, dirty equipment…

A nurse in Fort Lauderdale, buy Florida, stands accused of reusing dirty medical equipment on patients……dirty, dirty equipment…

A nurse in Fort Lauderdale, ask Florida, page stands accused of reusing dirty medical equipment on patients……dirty, dirty, very bad equipment…
tumblr_kr6c8ixB9X1qzeeuio1_500tits brunette nuda nude naked skinny

2009 will go down in history for economic disasters and the rise of crazy babes. Some experts believe that the rise of crazy babes was the cause of the economic downfall of 2009, drugs some say it was risky bets on sub prime markets. This debate will go on for many years.

Going to Brazil in 2010

Fake I.D.s Girl Blonde Platinum Tits Breast

Platinum has sold more than 1 billion pounds of Platinum recently. Thus the association that gives out Platinum awards is giving Platinum a Platinum award. Local girl celebrates Platinum’s success by dying her hair Platinum.

polaroid brazil brazilian ass asses girls butt butts

2010 the Brazilian ass will be at it’s ripest. Many have waited years for this year to arrive. “Si, malady I’ve waited years”, says local Brazilian man who has been waiting years.

Kanye West offers to Swiftly Make Amends

taylor swift kanye west team up sex

Taylor Swift and Kanye West will be teaming up in the coming months on a collaboration sex video featuring songs from their respected CD’s.

iPods and Polaroids

daily_erotic_picdump_97_28Tall and skinny girls have been harder to find. They have been put on the endanger watch list. Experts don’t know why the population has been dwindling.

polaroid ass thong panties girl

The current line of iPods with the added cameras, check do not have a Polaroid function as of yet. Emo girls are bummed, but it does not stop them from taking photos of themselves.

heat wave

heat wave thong babe girl ass

Current westcoast heat wave is causing hot babes hotness.

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