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Kat Von D Pregnant

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A minor controversy erupted at the LeBron James Skills Academy on Monday night, viagra approved July 6, when two videographers recorded a pickup game in which Xavier’s Jordan Crawford dunked on James. Lebron the good sport that he is, offered up to double dunk a babe in hotel room after the game.

NEWS UPDATE: Stretched out babe says Crawford accidentally dunked all over Lebrons back.
kat von d pregnant

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Tattoo godess Kat Von D, viagra reportedly is pregnant. “I’m going to tattoo a fetus on my stomach and watch it grow, it’ll be like a looking glass in my stomach” exclaims a drunk Kat Von D.

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A lactating miley cyrus has been sending nude photos of herself to her potential fathers of her baby. Who’s my baby’s daddy song being recorded this week. Leaked tracks will be available shortly.

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