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At A Glance

At a glance it appears this babe has an unusually large middle finger, buy more about drug also at a glance it appears she likes it in the pooper while watching Pippy Long Stocking in reverse with the volume at 96%, but this is all just at a glance.

Miss America 2011

To all the teen selfshooting crashing fathers out there, viagra 60mg happy father’s day.

Miss America 2011, viagra sale Alyssa Campanella. Who wants to join the “How long til she does an amateur blow job sex video- pool? “

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The Beer Goggler – Katy Perry
Bad Girls Hotbox – Vikki Blows and Frien
In the Raw – Dree Hemingway GIFS

Pretty Hot & Sexy – Gisele Bunchen topless in Vogue
Your Daily Girl – Bulgarian Playboy Playmates

Paramore Adult Film In Talks

polaroid ass thong panties girl

The current line of iPods with the added cameras, drug do not have a Polaroid function as of yet. Emo girls are bummed, but it does not stop them from taking photos of themselves.

A San Fernando Valley studio is in talks with the band Paramore to create a Mockumentary Porno feature the beloved red head lead singer, shop Hayley Williams.
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Joan Halloway / Christina Hendricks

“This is me at the bay” narrates the giant solo boob.

A Madmen Joan Halloway / Christina Hendricks look a like – look a like, buy really looks a like, and like the Joan Halloway / Christina Hendricks look a like.

(look a like model/photos at mike dowson )

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Badgirls Hotbox – Happy Tushy Day
In The Raw – Rosie Jones Nuts Magazine – Adriana Lima – Victoria Secret Shoot

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Girls for California Prop 19

Girls around California are showing their sexy support for Prop 19 Legalization and Decriminalizing personal use of Marijuana. Keep em coming girls!

Sony Discontinues Walkman

In an attempt take more insurance marketshare, order Aflac has expanded into erotic advertising. Their key advertising spokesperson, the Aflac Duck, will star in a series of sexy commercials including, “Two Girls One Duck” and “Suck the Duck 1 and 2″.

Today Sony Japan officially kills the Sony Walkman Cassette player. First launched in 1979, side effects since Sony’s Walkman has sold 220 million units worldwide. To put it into perspective, decease since 2004 Apple’s iPod has sold 240 million, as of January 2010.

We will truly probably not miss you all that much Sony Walkman, but let us take this moment and reflect on the great times we had together.

LSD Detected in Disneyland Drinking Water

Officials at both Disneyland in Anaheim, decease and Euro Disney, visit this site announced today that the two parks have had rising levels of LSD in the public and employee drinking fountains for years. Said one representative, “well I guess that answers the question as to why the Alice in Wonderland and Mr. Toads Wild Ride attractions always have such long lines.”

THIS JUST IN: Ariel hot in mermaid AND human form.

Girls Surrender


Girls have officially surrendered to the insistent requests for tits. Members representing girls around the world have officially signed the doctrine, advice and effective immediately girls will have to surrender their tops as requested by anyone, case officially official. So get to requesting. #TitsorGTFO

More photos of these girls on our new found friend’s site FrontArmy

Lindsey Lohan Highschool Nostalgia

Officials from the Canadian Environmental Counsel, price visit web announced Wednesday that vehicles that do not meet new emission standards will be charged an extra fee to cross border lines. The new fees will not, however, effect the complimentary hand job offered by border patrol babes.

Lindsey Lohan has been using her time wisely whilst in jail. Lindsey has been seen making up on her highschool homework assignments. Better late than never claims, more about Mrs. Gingerbean her 10th grade geometry teacher.

Puffy Nips On Rise

Local statistician has made an alarming discovery, side effects here “simply put, puffy nips are on the rise.  Which is directly related to the rise in my pants”, claims local statistician.

Anti Fur Activists Give Up

Lady Gaga recently announced she will be upgraded her breasts to double AK-47’s.

Local Anti Fur Activists have officially ended their pursuit in stopping animals from being used as fashion accessories. “We collectively said F-it, pharm these babes just make fur look too sexy” says local former anti fur activist sporting her new fox fur bracelet.

New Blackhead Studies

New studies show that extreme cases of blackheads on hot babes, dosage discount don’t make them less hot.

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