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G String Mag 2.0

No funny caption here, health just the moment every guy under 25 has been waiting for, advice   has arrived.

No funny caption here, cialis 40mg just the moment every guy under 25 has been waiting for, buy information pills   has arrived.

A total of 30 months are now in a year, find deal with it.

G String Magazine, clinic initially a magazine featuring different types of G guitar strings and their owners, tries for a new edgier direction.

Hayley Williams Topless

“Hermione- hiney”, price added to the 2010 Harry Potter Book of Spells.

Hermione- hiney”, viagra added to the 2010 Harry Potter Book of Spells.

No funny caption here, approved just the moment every guy under 25 has been waiting for, link   has arrived.

Air BJ Nationals Set to Begin May 13th, 2010

In the long standing tradition of air guitar/air drumming contests, health the national association for the furtherment of BJ’s, abortion announced this week that the National Air BJ Competition will hold it’s first annual event on May 13th via web cams throughout the country. Said local Portland babe, “I am going to suck the shit out of some air.”

More photos of her blowness found at FrontArmy

Luckiest Man Found Dead

The key to the complicated Mayan 2012 world ender mystery, try is tattooed on girls left breast.  Anthropologists are diligently studying the tattoo with their anthropologist hands and face.

Seconds after luckiest man on Earth took this photo, abortion he was was pronounced dead and erect.

Dentist Advice Against Post BJ Brush

New studies show that brushing teeth immediately after a BJ is more destructive than good. By brushing you would then kill all the helpful little sperm babies that are actively killing plaque and the taste of slut mouth.  Dentist advice to set up an appointment for an oral checkup.

Pippi Longstocking To Return

pippy pippi longstocking naked nude smoking hot

Feature film version of the beloved Pipp Longstocking is currently in talks amongst a few of your aunties who remember that character. “Remember Pippi Longstocking? They should make a movie about her”, pharm view says your eldest cooler auntie.

tennessee gov. calls off manhunt for front of girls dress

iphone polaroid nude

The recent discontinutation of polaroid films had emo scene girls in a serious panic. Thankfully iphone has several polaroid style effects for the digital camera that mimick the classic high art slut look. Now once again anyone can pretend to be a photographer and trick girls into posing topless. Cheers!
steve mcnair sahel kazemi photos nude

Steve McNair former NFL quarter back, information pills will be fined for PDA (Public Display of Affection) with his girlfriend of seven months. Although Sahel Kazemi was also found guilty of these crimes, viagra she won’t be charged for obvious reasons. However Mcnairs wife to pay for both fines. Photos of their hand holding and eskimo kisses will hurt chances of an appeal for the PDA fine.

UPDATE: Steve McNair’s wife PO’ed.
erin andrews nude hotel topless naked

Erin Andrews photo nude in her hotel room from a sneaky peephole, more about have been floating around the internet.  A paranoid Erin, diagnosis now only showers in a one piece bathing suit.

NEWS UPDATE: Sneaky peepholes, sneakily being implemented in most hotel rooms.
nude dress

After an exhausting two week search, buy more about the Governor of Tennessee has called off the manhunt for the front of local eighteen year old Jenny’s summer dress. While the family of the young girl is still offering a $500 reward for information leading to the return of the front of the dress, men across Tennessee are offering double that amount for the piece of fabric to remain missing.

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