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Devil’s Sex Scandal Continues

It’s been several weeks since salacious, side effects self-shot pictures of the devil were leaked to the media, and the controversy rages on. Said one demon(in horrible, distorted demon voice), “you know it’s just really embarrassing. I mean we are trying to go about our days, being evil, and every time you open an evil newspaper or turn on the evil news, we have to see this? So embarrassing.”

Erica Simone Self Portraits

Can somone please hire photographer Erica Simone, rx poor girl is running around New York naked with no money to buy clothes for herself…on second thought don’t hire her.

Rick Sanchez Fired

CNN’s former news anchor, viagra sale Rick Sanchez, approved was fired for some remarks he made on a Sirius Radio interview. The ‘Rick’s List’ host suggested that Jewish people run all TV networks and calls Comedy Central’s Jon Stewart a bigot. We wouldn’t be surprised if he said he was super into babes that paint Swazis on their faces.

Katy Perry Weekend

Katy Perry takes the motor boat out for the labor day weekend, sick and there were definitely no “bikinis on top”

The Big Three

Lindsey Lohan has been convicted of drunk driving and will be following Paris Hilton’s footsteps into jail. Lohan will be prepping for her mug shot photo shoot this coming weekend and will then check into her cell as soon as Monday.

NEWS UPDATE: Britney Spears seen practicing her drunk driving.

Mirror shots to decline.

Local analysts predict babe self shot mirror pics will decline with the release of the new front facing camera iphone 4. This is discouraging news for mirror shot lovers. The first group of babes that will be no longer be using the mirror technique are rich persian babes.

Dudes Want to Know, “Who is This Babe Taking Pictures For?!?”

Merely minutes after the release of this self-taken butt shot, visit web dudes from all over want to know who the lucky bastard is that’s receiving this ‘sext’ or email. When interviewed, one Los Angeles native said, “gimme that butt.”

Local Girl Seeks To Destroy

Local girl seeks to destroy you with epic-ness.

18 Months Added to Year

A total of 30 months are now in a year, cialis 40mg adjust accordingly.

Hayley Williams Topless

No funny caption here, approved just the moment every guy under 25 has been waiting for, link   has arrived.

Katy Perry Pissed on A Girl

Katy Perry’s next hit single is written while in shower, approved her inspiration comes from when she pissed on a girl and she admits she liked it.

Jersey Shore Girls Make A Deal

Mtv ‘s Jersey Shore Girls makes deal with local douche bag to fist pump those fist in a new series called “Fist Pumpin Ass, sick Girls of Jersey Whore”

Butt Models on Rise

As more females graduate college in a slumping economy and at a 10% unemployment rate, help they have been abandoning their skills learned at school and turning to butt and ass modeling. “I learned how to use my assets in a more useful way”, says local babe.  Babezatron has an intenrship program for aspiring ass models, please inquire and send your ass portfolio and we’ll review them vigilantly.

Babe Takes “Flash Me” Request Too Literally; Blinds Boyfriend


In Northern California, sick a college freshman was blinded when he innocently requested that his foreign exchange girlfriend flash him. The babe, more about not familiar with the American tradition of flashing, illuminated her face and neck region to such high levels that doctors have said the young man will be lucky if he ever sees his GF’s bodacious ta-tas again.

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