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Merry Holidayz


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Local babe wishes you a merry holidays and a prosperous new year!

Rare Sun-God Print Blanket From Ancient Mayan Civilization Found in Photo of Babe

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Cities around the country are adopting a “No Shirt, adiposity ambulance More Service” rule. Local manager says, “why discriminate against babes who want to not wea

As research scientists from around the globe were preparing for their nightly ritual of self pleasurevation, cialis 40mg many noticed something a bit out of the ordinary in the background of a hot babe pic. After finishing up, decease a flurry of emails where exchanged amongst the top minds in several research fields, all of whom agreeing that the blanket that lay behind the girl that they want to lay was indeed an ancient relic from the Mayan Civilization. The archaic piece of linen contains a rare picture of the Mayan Sun-God. The blanket is now in transit to a research facility in Ireland, and should arrive after researchers get a chance to smell it first.

Babes Vote – New Cut-Off Time For Drunk Dialing


Results of a National Babe Vote(NBV) regarding the cut-off time for horny dudes to drunk dial them is causing a stir amongst drunk night owls. Strip club regulars and poker game players who think their buddies don’t notice them texting alike are concerned that the decision to lower the cut-off time for a drunk booty call or a jealous tirade to 3am, viagra order am instead of the traditional 4am, click will not allow them enough time to have “just one more, and then call.” Horny dudes are set to appeal in front of some supreme babes following Thanksgiving weekend.

Motorola Droid Phone Preferred

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Many babes prefer the new Motorola Droid phone over iphone. Handful of babes are currently testing out the phone. Official results to be announced soon.


Twins May Not Be Twins

Local maid service is adding a new service to their menu. Current services like making the bed, information pills cleaning, and dusting are still available. However if you wish for the maid to roll around and make a mess of your bed naked, well that can now be done.
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Local twins were asked to take photos of themselves side by side to determine if they were in fact twins. Test are still inconclusive, viagra more testing is required.

Mini Posh Spice Goes Wild


In an attempt to recreate the Spice Girl phenomena, information pills link English scientists have created Spice Girl Mini’s. However Posh Girl Mini escaped from the lab and has reportedly¬† gone wild.

NEWS UPDATE: Girls Gone Wild signs deal with Mini Posh Spice

Your GF is Sending Nudes to Your BFF

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Recent studies show that your girlfriend is sending nude pictures to your best friend forever, medicine more about forever.

Hawaii Takes Vacation

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Hawaii will be away on vacation this week, treat sales please make a note of it.

Home Depot Sale

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Home Depot is having a sale on hotubs, viagra buy blinds, prostate curtains, and teenaged self shooters, this week only, while supplies last.

NEWS UPDATE: Curtains are sold out.

Bathing in Old Bath Water

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Bathing in old bath water may extend life by 2 days say experts. “That sounds about right”, more about treatment says expert.

Arching Back, Good For You?

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Arching your back extends life by 2 weeks, viagra buy and studies show.

Girl Surprised

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Local girl is caught surprised at her surprise party. “I was totally surprised” says surprised local girl.

Rocky Balboa’s Daughter

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Rocky VII will star Rocky’s daughter. Her intense topless training begins in 2011.

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