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Hogan’s Phoned Hacked

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Hulk Hogans phone was hacked, approved and nude pictures of his daughter were found. Or maybe they were of his current girlfriend. “I can’t tell them apart either” admits a hulky Hulk Hogan.

Black Hair Dye to run out in 2012

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Local girl stock piles black hair dye. “I’m prepared for the hair dye scare of 2012″

Mirrors to have Cameras installed in 2010

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A prototype mirror camera hybrid is in development by Apple Inc. Features include uploading straight to youtube, ambulance photobucket, price and myspace. No word on what the iMirror will cost.

College Football Starts

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As college footballs’ big ten begin to play each other, information pills local babes await to play with football players big tens.

Emo Babe Watches Return of the King for 500th time

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Local babe watches Return of the King for the 500th time in her undies. “Gollum is so emo”, buy information pills says Return of the King babe fan.

Chupacabra has webcam

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The infamous Chupacabra has adapted to the modern world and has started trading pictures with babes. The Chupacabra is as elusive as ever, ed although he is trading pictures with babes, the pictures always seem blurry and indecipherable.

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