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Photo Of The Day 01.25.12

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Photo Of The Day 01.23.12

Ocarina of Time: The Death of THE GREAT DEKU TREE

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Photo Of The Day 01.18.12

Champion or Chumpion #09

Best bike rentals in the globe. from Stason bros. on Vimeo.

Director duo Staston brothers create a pretty convincing commercial to rent bicycles from wherever the hell this rental place is.

Best bike rentals in the globe. from Stason bros. on Vimeo.

This is a tough one, shop a. shes got giant floppy knockers, b. she is breaking bricks with soft ass said knockers, c. she may have a set of testies hiding in her vag. You make the call.
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Photo Of The Day 01.13.12

Fotoshop by Adobé

Director Jesse Rosten creates a satirical commercial for a magic product that enhances the perception of modern beauty for females. The message is clear, buy healing its presented very tongue and cheek, cialis 40mg nicely executed. However it is slightly hitting us over the head with that message, fun none the less.

Miami Ice Cream Trucks

Whats hotter than the humid heat of Miami? This fucking ice cream truck rolling around with babes merely wearing horrible spray art of ice cream on their banging bodies while selling crappy frozen high fructose corn syrup. But me licky licky.

Alpine / Hands Music Video

A few sexy funny animated bumpers from MTV and ad agency Grey Worldwide animated by Parasol Island, for sale reminding you to play safe.

Bizarrely seductive music video by Luci Schroder for Melbourne based electronic group Alpine. Its a must watch if you like girls making out with axes, discount themselves, the tv, watermelons, fish in swimming pools, their own wrists.

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