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Congrats to the Seahawks

Congrats to The Seahawks for their first Super Bowl title in this Sunday night beatdown of Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos 43-8.

Photo Of The Day 06.20.12

Soccer still fucking sucks.

Clippers Bum L.A. Out




The Los Angeles Clippers have been swept away 4-0 by the San Antonio Spurs. Even with all the progress made this season, salve the Clippers still manage to bum the non-Laker side of L.A. out. “Hey we can’t win them all, order but at the very least our female fan base selection has been turned up a notch this season”, says soon to be fired head coach Vinny Del Negro.

Photo Of The Day 05.09.12

Kate Upton Back Up

After being jerked off of yesterday, viagra the Terry Richardson directed video of Sports Illustrated cover model Kate Upton doing things we’ve only previously dreamed of is back up…and so are we. #wordplay

Clippers Mistakenly Win First Game

The Los Angeles Clippers seemed to have forgotten that they were losing as much as 27 points during game one of the Memphis Grizzlies vs Los Angeles Clippers NBA playoffs series. The Clippers had an embarrassing start to the first half at their first game in the playoffs since 2006.

Vinny Del Negro’s halftime talk worked paired with news of Caron Butler receiving a fractured left hand during the game, pharmacy seemed to only fuel The Clipshow’s comeback energy. That or Los Angeles Clipper Spirit enticed a victory with promises of double dribbling BJ’s if they won.

Photo Of The Day 01.23.12

via flash glam, viagra approved source unknown

CP3 Joins The Clippers

NBA’s Chris Paul, visit formerly of the New Orleans Hornets, has been traded to the Los Angeles Clippers. This isn’t babe related news really, but the Los Angeles Clippers have never looked so sexy, so it’s relevant to this site. Shut up Lakers.

Boxing Legend Joe Frazier Dead

advice the relentless slugger who became the heavyweight champion of the world and earned boxing immortality with three epic battles against Muhammad Ali, there died Monday at age 67, stuff his personal manager said.” src=”” alt=”” width=”634″ height=”401″ />

Joe Frazier, the relentless slugger who became the heavyweight champion of the world and earned boxing immortality with three epic battles against Muhammad Ali, died Monday at age 67, his personal manager said.

Here are some boxing babes to help you mourn this tragic loss.

Champion or Chumpion #06

It is internationally known that beer pong and flip cup are the two greatest games ever invented. Also recognized world-wide is the awesome occurrence of the ‘rising thong, order ‘ wherein a babes thong peeks out of her pants slightly, information pills indicating she’s probably, as my good pals on the J. Shore might say, DTF. What is highly questionable about this babe is the self inflicted atomic wedgie she seems to be going for. Her team doesn’t appear to be doing too well at beer pong either. After reviewing the photo, only one question remains…

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NBA Season Cancelled

The NBA owners cancelled the first two weeks of the regular season on Monday. Which means no Star Wars themed Phoenix Sun’s cheerleading dance show. It truly is a darth time for the NBA.

Shaq Retires, White Girls Relieved

After 19 NBA seasons, stuff Shaquille O’ Neal announces his retirement. Four NBA championships, side effects (only two behind Jordan, see photo) 5th all time scorer, 12th all time rebounder, 7th all time blocker, and 1st most stitches given to phat assed white girls.

photo via dontruinthend


The difference in risk of seriously injuring oneself, viagra sale between grinding the slippery rails on a bmx bike and grinding the slippery tail on a bmx’ed babe, is only slight. But one activity can substantially injure your lil’ rider more.

The Final Four is Here!

The Final Four in NCAA Basketball has arrived. No doubt both brackets and nuts will be busted all over tonight.

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