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Summer Tipz #1

When tanning, discount always make sure to wear a snake skin cowboy hat. It says, “I’m hip, tan, and kind of slutty.”

Quick Tip

Using pastries as a joke to pretend like you have weird pastry nipples doesn’t distract the fact that your face is weird and that you probably have weird pastry looking nipples underneath those pretend pastry nipples.


The difference in risk of seriously injuring oneself, viagra sale between grinding the slippery rails on a bmx bike and grinding the slippery tail on a bmx’ed babe, is only slight. But one activity can substantially injure your lil’ rider more.

Quick Tipz #08

Puffy nips are out, buy more about spirally nips are in.

Quick Tips #07 How To Date Zelda’s Link

? ?

Ask her on a date politely and offer her 20 rupees, erectile and if she says no, Try Force.

Submission by Gil Brooks

Apple Has Taken Over Our Minds!

If you’re like me, price the first thing you thought when you saw this babez boob with a cd on it was, “get an iPod already.”

Quick Tipz #07

Do not let this girl go…

Quick Tipz #06

Asking a babe if they want to see your giant mushroom tip can sometimes get you sexy snow sex.

Quick Tipz #05

A great way to save time is to multitask…”All three of us need to bathe AND we all have to smoke a cig?? I’ll run the water; Jane, abortion you pack the smokes; Beth, website like this start taking off all of our clothes.”

photo found via ambidextrously-erotic

Quick Tipz #04

In case of a water emergency, here use the floating double DDevices aboard neighboring drunk girls boat.

Quick Tipz 03

Sometimes, sildenafil hot pictures are not hot when looked at upside down.

Quick Tipz 02

Always have a pack of Skittles laying around the house…because you just never know when a babe is going to ask you to cover her vag in candy.

photo found from natadamnthing

Quick Tipz: PBR Does a Body Good

Forget milk! If you want a killer bod (or at least a killer buzz), treatment drink yourself an icy cold PBR.


In an earthquake, decease the sexiest place to be is in a doorway.

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