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2010 Music Video Of The Year

If you turn down the music all the way, cialis 40mg and cover up the singer with your thumb as you watch the video, then you may very well be watching the best music video of the year.

Erica Simone Self Portraits

Can somone please hire photographer Erica Simone, rx poor girl is running around New York naked with no money to buy clothes for herself…on second thought don’t hire her.

Avril Lavigne Swims

Avril Lavigne offers a nip slip if you’ll forget that she dated a midget troll monster from Sum 41 and not you.

Rick Sanchez Fired

CNN’s former news anchor, viagra sale Rick Sanchez, approved was fired for some remarks he made on a Sirius Radio interview. The ‘Rick’s List’ host suggested that Jewish people run all TV networks and calls Comedy Central’s Jon Stewart a bigot. We wouldn’t be surprised if he said he was super into babes that paint Swazis on their faces.

Katy Perry on SNL

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We at Babeztron love SNL we love Katy Perry, however the premiere episode of season 36 was lacking. Primarily lacking our favorite male cast member, Will Forte and lacking good skits. The best part of the episode was when Katy Perry’s boobs bounced (its better on mute). Trust us when we say you didn’t miss much just watch the animated gifs of her boobs bouncing and consider yourself caught up. If you really want to waste your time go ahead and watch the skit in its entirety, <3 Maya Rudolph.

Sh*t My Dad Says

On the set of Sh*t My Dad Says on CBS, order William Shatner acts like hes not a creep.

The twitter account @shitmydadsays is pretty genius, approved Justin quotes his curmudgeon short tempered father. The best part of the twitter account is you only hear his dad’s portion of the conversations, it might have been out of necessity because twitter only always 140 characters, but if you’d hear Justin’s side of the conversations these quotes would lose all its charm and magic. “My flight lands at 9:30 on Sunday…You want to watch what? What the fuck is mad men? I’m a mad man if you don’t pick me the hell up.” Its a great tweet read if you are looking for some hilarity.

On the flipside, some crazy producers managed to make this twitter account a TV show and it fails so hard. William Shatner who plays Justin’s dad was just the complete wrong casting choice, the dad is so watered down with suck, and the typical sitcom style formatting makes me want to rip my face off. I am really sad that this show did not deliver the goods.

Smoking Babe Follows Post

If you smoke them…they will come.

Katy Perry Street

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Our favorite pop star (as of todays date), has graced her presence and fun bags on our favorite street, Sesame Street! But if pairing her boobs with puppets isn’t a turn on, then here is another gratuitous Katy Perry photo just for you as well.

Are You Obsessed About The Right Thing?

On a serious note, shop ladies should do self examinations for lumps, bumps, humps, and shmumps on your lovely breasts ever so often, or at least ask a male counterpart to do a thorough examination. If non are available, the Babezatron staff will take one for the team and examine them for you.

This clever campaign for the Breast Cancer Foundation (BCF), was created by agency DDB Group Singapore.

Saved By The Bell Reunion On Hold

Tiffani-Amber Thiessen aka Kelli Kapowski, site is holding up the Saved by The Bell Reunion to do better and sexier things, we’ll allow it for now.

Easter Bunny Troubles

Even the Easter Bunny has had a rough economic year.  To stay financially afloat she has succumb to participating in furry porn and playing “lets hide my eggs in your holes” .

NEWS UPDATE: Easter Bunny is available for wild bachelor parties.

Katy Perry Weekend

Katy Perry takes the motor boat out for the labor day weekend, sick and there were definitely no “bikinis on top”

Nothing Funny Here

This is just hot. Agreed?


A new trend in Australia is emerging. Move over you cute lil koala fucks, viagra dosage tentacles are the new rage, try babes have been seen splashing sexily on the beaches with found squid, octopus, and occasionally a crustacean. Whatever floats your boat we say “Put another squid on the barbie’s head”

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