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Girls Surrender

Girls have officially surrendered to the insistent requests for tits. Members representing girls around the world have officially signed the doctrine, advice and effective immediately girls will have to surrender their tops as requested by anyone, case officially official. So get to requesting. #TitsorGTFO

More photos of these girls on our new found friend’s site FrontArmy

Blue Power Ranger

“Once you go Black Power Ranger you never go back”, healing says sexy Blue Power Ranger.

Strange Looking Mermaid Has Two Legs, No Tail

Marine biologists off the coast of the Galapagos Islands, patient have discovered a mermaid of the strangest kind. This mermaid has the normal upper portion of a human woman body, prescription but oddly, and quite frankly inexplicably, has two human legs where the fish tail portion should be. Remarked one biologist, “the only thing I can say conclusively at this point is that I would for sure hit that.”

As You Stare At the Topless Girl

“Now the pants”, buy information pills says a creepy you.

World Record Explosion

Shockwaves could be felt as far as England, pharm as Guinness Draft Beer documented the world’s largest sexual squirt explosion in weeks.

Girl Gives Birth To Dog

Local girl gave birth to a healthy 2 pound chihuahua last week. Doctors were baffled to find a dog inside a human girl, stomach “but that’s what you get when you have sex doggystyle”, claims doctor.

Torso Extensions Now Available

Short torso girls now have a chance at getting blogged after they go through excruciating painful process of getting their torso extended. “I only worry that blogs are too short to contain my longness” says long torso babe.

Love Hewit Loves Sponge Bob

Jennifer Love  Hewitt to star in live action production of Sponge Bob Square Pants, approved she will portray the character Huge Boob No Shirt.

Katy Perry for Esquire

Katy Perry poses for Esquire magazine also known as the gateway publication to the harder stuff. Fans and creeps alike predict fully nude photos to appear in the next 6 months.

Puffy Nips On Rise

Local statistician has made an alarming discovery, here “simply put, puffy nips are on the rise.¬† Which is directly related to the rise in my pants”, claims local statistician.

Anti Fur Activists Give Up

Local Anti Fur Activists have officially ended their pursuit in stopping animals from being used as fashion accessories. “We collectively said F-it, pharm these babes just make fur look too sexy” says local former anti fur activist sporting her new fox fur bracelet.

Babe Longs for Full Length Hosiery

For years local indie babe has had to suffer the cold autumns by only wearing half length panty hose and maybe a scarf. “Which started as necessity has now become my own panty hose line called, there Noway Hose”, says a half nude panty hosed babe. The full length hosiery line will debut early 2011.

USA World Cup Babe Sad

USA World Cup Babe doesn’t like losing and is very sad reports reporter, here but will show tits for the win! FTW!

Stephanie Ragusa Pleads Guilty Topless

Sexy Tampa Bay teacher, buy Stephanie Ragusa is sentenced 10 years in prison for having sex with her two male students, pills (16 + 14). When asked if the boys had regretted anything during the school year, their reply was, they wished they had failed the class so they would have to take it over…and over…and over again.

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