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Local Girl Sneaks Into Offices

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Bored local girl has been sneaking into offices around the metro area and taking topless photos and stealing diet cokes from your office’s fridge. The police have named her, pills “the topless diet coke bandit”. Unofficially they have named her “what a fucking slut”.

Motorola Droid Phone Preferred

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Many babes prefer the new Motorola Droid phone over iphone. Handful of babes are currently testing out the phone. Official results to be announced soon.

Pippi Longstocking To Return

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Feature film version of the beloved Pipp Longstocking is currently in talks amongst a few of your aunties who remember that character. “Remember Pippi Longstocking? They should make a movie about her”, view says your eldest cooler auntie.

Amendment to Necrophilia Laws

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Recent protests have left judges with no other choice but to make an amendment to necrophilia laws, view allowing sex with the zombie undead.

NEWS UPDATE: California legalizes zombie marriage.

Halloween v2.0

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Local girls decided their Halloween party was not as awesome as last year, website like this and plan to throw another halloween party later this week. More info later.

Was This Babe in My Kitchen?

Babe –


My Kitchen-


If this babe will please contact Babezatron staff, there we’re gonna need you back in my kitchen immediately.

New Sexy Zombie Virus

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New zombie virus makes victims eat butt instead of brains.

Poison Use Falls

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This Halloween crazies, see sickos, and pervs alike will reduce their poison use in candy due to the troubling economy. “I just can’t use as much poison as I’d like to, I have to pay off the windowless van eventually ya know?”, says local creep.


Twins May Not Be Twins

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Local twins were asked to take photos of themselves side by side to determine if they were in fact twins. Test are still inconclusive, viagra more testing is required.

Maid Service Adds Service


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Local maid service is adding a new service to their menu. Current services like making the bed, case cleaning, symptoms and dusting are still available. However if you wish for the maid to roll around and make a mess of your bed naked, well that can now be done.

Girl Falls In Love With Reflection

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Southern Californian girl falls in love with her own reflection. “It was love at first site”, buy says Southern Californian girl. The reflection had no comment at the time.

Balloon Boy Tries Again

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Balloon boy will try to ride in babes C cup balloons. Scientists believe it is physically impossible to ride a babes C cup breasts, order however that will not hinder his attempt.

Crazy Babes On Rise

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2009 will go down in history for economic disasters and the rise of crazy babes. Some experts believe that the rise of crazy babes was the cause of the economic downfall of 2009, drugs some say it was risky bets on sub prime markets. This debate will go on for many years.

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