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Mirrors to have Cameras installed in 2010

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A prototype mirror camera hybrid is in development by Apple Inc. Features include uploading straight to youtube, ambulance photobucket, price and myspace. No word on what the iMirror will cost.

Post Labor Day is the new Labor Day

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Post hardcore girl claims Post Labor Day is the new Labor Day. Regular Labor Day is for losers.

Heat Wave Melts Ice Cream

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Heat waves across America have been melting babes’ ice cream all over their heat wave babe bodies.

Labor Day Weekend



Labor Day weekend babes plan for eating wieners all week long.

College Football Starts

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As college footballs’ big ten begin to play each other, information pills local babes await to play with football players big tens.

LeGarrette Blount Sucker Punch

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LeGarrette Blount, tadalafil an Oregon College running back, page sucker punches Boise team player in face. To LeGarrette’s defense, cialis 40mg donkey punching co-ed and cheerleaders all night can get one in a punching frenzy.

NEWS UPDATE: Local Boise Emo babe requests donkey punches then a nice punch in the face.

LeGarrette Blount Just Sucker Punched His Way Out of College Football

Gold Prices Rise – As Booty Rides Up and Down

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The demand for gold booty shorts has in turn raised the prices of gold commodity prices. Until babes demand lowers gold prices don’t see any sign of slowing down.

Heidi Fleiss and Her Daughters

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Heidi Fleiss and her new business of male escorts is launching in tandem with her daughters new reality show. The reality show is said to air via webcam in their dorm rooms. Stay tuned.

Gmail Servers Down

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Local girl revives down Gmail servers.  A quick flash of her Antits virus tits and the Gmail turned giddy and perked right back up.

Hurricane Jimena Blows

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Hurricane Jimena is blowing real hard towards the baja of California.

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California Fires Worries Emo Babe

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The California wild fires have destroyed 22 homes. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has issued mandatory evacuations from homes near fire. Local emo babe, adiposity worries she won’t be able to take photos in front of her emo mirror anymore. To compensate shes taken thousands of self photos just in case.

DJ AM Reportedly Found With Crack and Crackhead Babes

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More details have emerged regarding the shocking, link sudden death of Adam “DJ AM” Goldstein, order who was found dead in his New York apartment August 28th. Crack and several crackhead babes were by his bedside. Crackhead babes are not suspect in foul play, however they are suspect in giving great hard hitting bj’s.

the final destination number 1 at the box office


The latest installment of the Final Destination franchise has landed the number one spot at the box office over the weekend. The film grossed an approximate 28.3 million dollars, adiposity while an estimated 1.9 million hand jobs were given in theaters.

News Update: Industrial strength floor and seat cleaner sales up %300.

north and south korean agree

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Leaders of North and South Korea agreed in an international meeting, look that when the thighs on girls don’t touch, it can be considered pretty  hot and tempting.

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