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tour de france, disqualifies babe

tour de france result breast lance armstrongThis years Tour De France, this site has disqualies girls with big breasts. Snobby french judge says, erectile “they distract and make the buldge of the racers bigger, which are a distraction for me as well”.

NEWS UPDATE: Lance Armstrong seen with raging buldge during race.

obama checking out some booty ass, enacts new ass check law

obama checking girl ass butt booty
obama booty ass girl checks out President Obama appreciates a good butt. He just initiated a bill that allows booty checking in the work place legal. Bail outs will be given to companies that enact this new law.

Kat Von D Pregnant

kat von d pregnant

kat von d nude pre tattoos

Tattoo godess Kat Von D, viagra reportedly is pregnant. “I’m going to tattoo a fetus on my stomach and watch it grow, it’ll be like a looking glass in my stomach” exclaims a drunk Kat Von D.

lebron james and jordan crawford double dunk

lebron crawford double dunk onlebron james crawford dunked on

A minor controversy erupted at the LeBron James Skills Academy on Monday night, see July 6, approved when two videographers recorded a pickup game in which Xavier’s Jordan Crawford dunked on James. Lebron the good sport that he is, offered up to double dunk a babe in hotel room after the game.

NEWS UPDATE: Stretched out babe says Crawford accidentally dunked all over Lebrons back.

miley cyrus pregnant pictures

miley cyrus pregnant nude

miley cyrus nude naked

A lactating miley cyrus has been sending nude photos of herself to her potential fathers of her baby. Who’s my baby’s daddy song being recorded this week. Leaked tracks will be available shortly.

iphone users can still whore it up in style

iphone polaroid nude

The recent discontinutation of polaroid films had emo scene girls in a serious panic. Thankfully iphone has several polaroid style effects for the digital camera that mimick the classic high art slut look. Now once again anyone can pretend to be a photographer and trick girls into posing topless. Cheers!

fourth of july moved to the 7th

fourth of july flag girl

This years fourth of July will be moved to July 7th due to fireworks delivery delays.

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