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Photo Of The Day 03.14.12

Petr Žižák

Jeremiah Newton


Erotic photographer Jeremiah Newton is in the process of putting together a book, sales a boobies book.

Photo Of The Day 01.26.12

Wet T-shirtless contests rule!

Maurizio Di

Photographer Maurizio Di Iorio updates with a series called ‘A Point Moving on a Crooked Curve’.

Photo Of The Day 01.14.12

via unknown


Director duo Staston brothers create a pretty convincing commercial to rent bicycles from wherever the hell this rental place is.

Photo Of The Day 01.12.12

Alva Bernadine

Photo Of The Day 01.11.12

via ridiculouslybeautiful

Photo Of The Day 01.10.12

The Last Man on Earth – Gian Alfonso Pacinotti via flashglamtrash

Miami Ice Cream Trucks

Whats hotter than the humid heat of Miami? This fucking ice cream truck rolling around with babes merely wearing horrible spray art of ice cream on their banging bodies while selling crappy frozen high fructose corn syrup. But me licky licky.

Photo Of The Day 01.06.12

Johann Bona

Bizarrely seductive music video by Luci Schroder for Melbourne based electronic group Alpine. Its a must watch if you like girls making out with axes, more about themselves, the tv, watermelons, fish in swimming pools, their own wrists.

Johann Bona is a photographer currently living and working in Toronto, try Ontario. Check out his mischeiviously sexy series called “Girls On My Floor”, which involves girls on his floor you dummy, what else were you expecting.

Kaitlyn Fong

A few selects from Los Angeles based photographer Kaitlyn Fong‘s sexy fun flickr stream.

via sexinart

Nipple Accessories by Nicola Costantino

Photographer Tony Stamolis has a collection of fantastically raw, medicine price sexy, humorous character portraits.

Photographer Tony Stamolis has a collection of fantastically raw, sickness sexy, humorous character portraits.

Nicola Costantino’s nipple-wear and accessories. No word as of yet, viagra 100mg if they interactively get hard.

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