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Drifting Wardrobe Malfunction Video

Unless you drive a Toyota Supra or even know what that means, page this is probably the only drifting video you’ll ever need to watch. Halfway into the video the helmetless big bosommed babe’s shirt bursts during a major drift, revealing her floppy tire racks.

Dr. Murray Found Guilty, On Suicide Watch

Dr. Conrad Murray, ambulance doctor for Michael Jackson, symptoms is on suicide watch, after a guilty verdict of involuntary manslaughter was issued. “After seeing some white girl ta-tas, I’m outta here”, said the guilty doc.

Paz de la Huerta Shows Us Whats Under Her Boardwalk Empire

Its not like you havn’t seen her ass naked getting pounded 1940’s doggy style, store but, Actress Paz de la Huerta, who plays the sultry Lucy Danziger of HBO’s Boardwalk Empire, gets nude for photographer Terry Richardson.

Happy Boss’ Day

Today is considered “Happy Boss Day”, this so either appreciate your boss with tons of tits, like this lucky asshole boss (if its a guy he won’t file a suit against you, he’ll probably find a way to promote you), or you can play nasty tricks on him/her, and blame it on the guy that nobody likes two cubicles over, and hopefully get that douche fired, nobody even likes you Todd get over it. Happy Boss’ Day!

Mile High Club – Sky Diving Edition

You thought you were a champion with your little two minute sex act initiating to the Mile High Club. Well chump, dosage there is a new club in town, more about and its the Mile Fall Club. And this champion in the video above is its founding member, rx he not only does the deed on a tiny single engine aircraft next to a calm and collected pilot, but he does so as he is free falling / balling through the clear blue skies.

A French-Canadian porn star took his career to new heights when he videotaped himself having sex while skydiving with the receptionist of the skydiving company where he moonlighted as a part-time instructor.

FAA spokesman Ian Gregor says any activity that could distract the pilot while he’s flying could be a violation of federal regulations. Skydive Taft owner David Chrouch says he fired part-time skydiving instructor and porn star Alex Torres and hasn’t decided whether to fire the company’s receptionist, Hope Howell, who he said was Torres’ partner in the video.

Peter Stemmler Kaleidoscope


Self proclaimed “Internet Artist” Peter Stemmler creates the best “internet art”. Especially the type that kaleidoscope images of our favorite subject, viagra buy babes. Enjoy and get lost in his portfolio.

Find his more experimental work @

Photographer Rocael

Photographer Rocael has some very sexy raw and fun images.

American Jugga-hoes

Director Sean Dunn asks a handful of people at the gather of Juggalos, pharmacy what does it means to be a Juggalo, in his film American Juggalo. It’s a pretty fun view, regardless if you believe these kids are the scum of the earth or messengers of peace.

At the very least you can skip through the “boring” parts, and give a looksie at some horrendous sloppy and some surprisingly gorgeous female juggalett’s juggs. Luckily for you, we’ve done the hard part watched the whole thing and collected the goods for you. You’re welcome.

iPhone 5 aka iPhone 4s-ucks

Apple’s new iPhone 4S is just last year’s design with better nerdy techy internals. Go nerd out on the specifics on Apples website. The good news is the camera looks like it got a significant upgrade. So that means leaked celebrity, cost ex-gf, side effects current girlfriends, visit this and selfshot pictures of your dong will be at a higher resolution.

• New camera: Its sensor is 8 megapixels, compared to the previous 5 megapixels. Much better than before. The most interesting thing is the sensor, however: It’s a CMOS backside illuminated sensor. Apple says that gets you 73% more light than the iPhone 4 sensor. The latter was already quite impressive, so I can’t wait to try this one. Apple has also remodeled the lens system, with five lens elements. They say they get now f2.4.

Jwoww Is Pretty Jmeh

Finally (and by finally we mean, order who actually cares) are some topless (and by topless we mean, the fuck is this bullshit) photos of MTV’s Jersey Shore Jwoww, aka Jennifer Farley.

Gratuitous Vintage Boobs

If there is one thing that is missing from this world, cialis 40mg its three minute videos of vintage boobs flopping around to generic shitty electronic music. Luckily Reset is here to to fill that void.

Life Vest Sales Plummeting

With the rise in (clear throat) natural lady flotation devices, viagra 40mg the life vest industry is failing. Said one retailer, what is ed “we’re essentially losing %100 of our market since women no longer need the vests and men are too drunk and stubborn to wear them in the first place.”

Champion or Chumpion #05

We all know that the hardest part about roller blading is telling your parents that you’re gay. But this babe may be onto something with the striped socks, visit this site the leftover pizza, and the vanity. Has she glided into a new era of blading glory; or is she just another tiny dancer on the venice boardwalk asking for booze money?

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At A Glance

At a glance it appears this babe has an unusually large middle finger, drug also at a glance it appears she likes it in the pooper while watching Pippy Long Stocking in reverse with the volume at 96%, but this is all just at a glance.

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