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Interview with Giovanni Lipari

Giovanni’s Death Of Youth series really struck a chord with us, advice we think most men entering their adulthood can easily relate to this project. His vision and purpose of the series hits it right on the head perfectly; stylistically, diagnosis thematically, and emotionally. Do yourself a favor check out the photos and read his Death Of Youth statement. We had a moment to pick his brain over a few emails, here is what came of it.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and about your photo background?
Giovanni Lipari, Age 30. I’m Italian, unmarried, and a self-taught photographer.  I had a little photography training in school, but nothing past the basics that one would learn in secondary school. Light surrounds us and I’m constantly observing and studying it.

Is being a photographer your full time gig?
I am not a photographer professionally, I have been paid for it in the past.

Have you had your big break? If not do you think it’ll come? If so how did it feel?
I don’t know if such an event is possible.  Most people that are successful have worked long and hard for their accomplishments, which makes the “break” less of a singular experience, and more of just a part of life.  But I hope to have a “break” someday….. that would be wonderful.

You have fullfilled a fantasy that most men can only dream of. Do you feel like you are satisified with living “the dream” of the rock star photograhper?
Yes and No, The fact that I could fabricate “the dream” makes it impossible to fulfill.   But there is a sense of accomplishment that was created during the process of shooting this project.

Do you plan on continuing this dream?
Absolutely not.  It was exhausting, annoying, and expensive.  I’m happily looking forward to my next project…. which will have nothing to do with naked women.

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Amy Winehouse Reported Dead

Amy Winehouse, sales 27, visit has been reportedly found dead. However we are still convinced she was Steven Tyler (we would say “in drag”, but you know, he already dresses like a bitch) this whole entire time. I mean “dude looks like a lady”, come on, read between the lines. The ultimate reveal is coming, just wait, M Night couldn’t even come up with a twist this twisted in his wildest brown dreams.


The Walking Dead Season 2

We here at Babezatron love The Walking Dead, viagra buy here’s the first scene from the upcoming season 2 of AMC’s hit show. Also here is a pretty epic poster depicting our heroes trapped on the roof of their RV. The Walking Dead will have its San Diego Comic-Con panel on Friday. Hopefully season 2 has some sweet zombie sex action, either be it zombie on zombie or human on zombie, we are down with the undead.

Champion or Chumpion # 02

Shower drinking is almost always an amazing idea. It saves time, troche makes you feel like you’re on vacation, and helps boost self esteem by giving you mirror goggles as you admire your newly, booze enhanced bod post shower. This babe has chosen to throw another shower staple into the mix by rubbing one out as she shower drinks. She might be a genius; or maybe she’s bitten off a little more than she can chew.

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NY Gay

New York state legalizes gay marriage. And thats good news for you fellas, viagra now you can finally propose to that hot lesbian.

Google Image Search

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You can now search on google with a photo. Find similar *content with ease.
*(Find all the images of that one girl you’ve been looking for)

this was one of the results for the image above that was submitted to google.

Hangover 2 Weekend

Hangover 2 earned $137.4 million in five days. Meanwhile a Thai hooker made $10 in 5 days sitting on an extra bushy faced Zach Galifianakis look alike.



In Memory Of Memorial Day

Local Veterans have submitted their proposal for a day to Remember Memorial Day. “Far too many people have forgotten that thousands of Americans died killing Nazi Krauts, medicine we demand a day to remember that Memorial Day acknowledges that there is a day to remember all those that have fallen”, says local Vet. Currently the proposed Remember Memorial Day falls on Pillow Fight Friday which may not go over so well to those that looove to pillow fight.

photo source Hattie Watson

Osama Bin Laden Dead

If you are just now discovering about Osama Bin Laden’s death via, what is ed you are the best.

Local Ex Girlfriends Decide to Go Wild After Break Up

Local ex girlfriends decide to continue the hated tradition of pissing off ex-boyfriends after breakups, this with techniques like:

-Dressing like a slut
-Non-chalant  bestfriend titty grabs
-Posting “I had a REALLY good time at local hip-hop club” on facebook
-Doing coke off dudes’ cocks
-Always wanting to dance and grind
-Suddenly being ok with giving blowjobs
-Losing 10pounds
– Being happy and successful

Katy Perry Kisses A Girl and Likes It, Again

Katty Perry admits to having bi curious experiments with silky smooth Justin Bieber.

Legendary Hottub Source of Legionarre Disease

The source of bacteria outbreak Legionarre Disease, cialis 40mg which affected 200 party guest at the famed Playboy mansion, seems to have come from the infamous grotto hottub. Officials from the Los Angeles health department confess results from tests would have been released earlier but scientist’s wives required them to avert eyes as they tested contaminated Playboy mansion  guests.

Tie Dye Shirts Complain Stoners Not Groovy Enough

As stoners barely remember to celebrate 420, information pills tie dye shirts around the United States plea for a more groovy session. So please, won’t you be a lil’ more groovy, for the swirly li’ guys.

Tyson Autobiography Finally Has Title: “Tits Taste Better Than Ears”

The long awaited Mike Tyson autobiography, look which was originally slated to be released sometime in 2010, has finally been completed and given a title. The soon-to-be best seller, which is aptly titled (after much deliberation), ‘Tits Taste Better Than Ears,’ is set to hit bookstores just after Tyson’s latest acting venture, The Hangover Part 2, opens nationwide on May 26th. Other title ideas for the book included, ‘Who Spiked My Punches?,’Mike Tyson: Write Hand Knock Out,’ and ‘The Boxer’s Briefs.’

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