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In Soviet Russia…

In Soviet Russia, visit picture masturbates to you.

Quick Tipz #08

Puffy nips are out, buy more about spirally nips are in.

Apple Keeps Exciting

As Apple keeps things fresh and exciting, page the one question we keep asking ourselves is, “can iTouch?”

Evil Sim City User Feels Guilt

After years of purposely destroying Sim City’s Japan level with earthquakes, order floods and robots, Sim City babe user feels super guilty. Luckily for us she is quick to rebuild the city on her off nights from school. Let’s just pray that the killer robot doesn’t come to¬†fruition.

Japan Tsunami Hits Hard, Babe Saved

Our hearts go out to the victims of the disastrous Japanese earthquake and tsunami. There is a bosom of good news, ambulance luckily a local babe was able to float to safety in the raging currents.

Poll Determines Still Unsure About Canada

One used to throw out “Canada sucks!” willy nilly, order but times have changed, store polls have shown that people are just not so sure what Canada is really all about, or what willy nilly really means.

photo by merkley

Lindsey Lohan Not Ok with Jail Coke

Looks like Lindsey Lohan is most probably going back to jail for at least 60 days. Lindsey complains that the coke circulating in the jails is so 2009. She has requested that at least 2 new inmates be admitted into the jail with grade A 2011 coke hidden in their buttholes.

Just When You It Was Safe To Go Back In The Pool…

…a bunch of creepy dudes hop in and molest a bunch of girls.

photo found via nickthedickreloaded

Human Champagne-A-Peed

I’ll join…

photo found via justemanuell

Sleepy Student Smart

Local sleepy student babe preemptively removes tittays from shirt to use as a pillow just incase she passes out during class. “I will allow it”, ask says classroom teacher.

Friends: The One Where Rachael Gets Naked

Best episode ever.

This Just In

she had huge tits…

Laser Tits

Scientists are asked to hurry up with creating tits that shoot 80’s like laser beams already. Local man extremely annoyed and no longer content with CD-Rom tits. (See previous post below regarding cd-rom tits)

Picking Up Hitchhikers Cool Again

After years of public outcry and negative press, tadalafil the adventure and experience of picking up needy travelers off the side of the road is once again a cool thing to do. So what if you get killed…you’ll probably at the very least see some boobs first.

photo found via nickthedickreloaded

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