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Apple Has Taken Over Our Minds!

If you’re like me, price the first thing you thought when you saw this babez boob with a cd on it was, “get an iPod already.”

Smurfs’ Loads Blue All Over

Female Gargamel bathes in Smurf splooge, ambulance swears it exfoliates skin. Although admits that her fingers are a bit sore from all the tiny handjobs.

An Apple A Day No Longer Keeps the Tittay Squeezers Away

Just like garlic repels vampires, tadalafil apples, up until recent studies by bored orchard owners, were a great way for woman and larger gentlemen to avoid getting their tittayz squeezed. But now, with the afore mentioned research, there are concerns that there may be no way to keep from being honked

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Katy Perry and Elephants

A new popular fetish is emerging amongst the internet, order Elephants trunks and scared topless celebrities. This niche will fail it’s too broad and not specific enough. But we wish Celephant enthusiasts the best of luck.

REPORT: Booze Still Gets You Drunk

After extensive, page extensive research, viagra dosage the staff at has determined that drinking booze does in fact still get you drunk.

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Quick Tipz #04

In case of a water emergency, here use the floating double DDevices aboard neighboring drunk girls boat.

Happy Nude Year 2011!

Champagne, buy more about the Champagne of dudes who thrive on drunk girls.

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Merry XXXmas

We wish you the happiest of Holidays.

Hit This Fitness

“Fine, cialis 40mg LA fitness!.. I’ll keep my gym membership, sheesh”.

Brett Favre’s Consecutive Game Streak Ends at 297

Due to a shoulder injury, and blah blah blah blah Brett Favre.

Smurfs or Avatar People?

The great debate has been heating up as the Smurf movie approaches its release. Many nerds are in a dilemma, clinic “do I imagine my girlfriend as a Smurfette or an Avatar as I approach my release”? Our coverage will continue as this important issue continues.

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Local Hearing Impaired Babe Electrocuted

A local babe with poor hearing was electrocuted Wednesday, seek when her boyfriend asked her to use her mouth more to “suck it.” She was not badly injured, but the socket was left with severe blue walls.

Don’t Jump!

Hundreds of local men gathered beneath a high rise building in downtown Houston, cheap earlier this week to try and talk a large pair of breasts out of jumping. Said one onlooker, treatment “if these were some fake jugs, they’d probably just bounce on impact and be fine. But these babies are real!”

Sweet Sugar Kane

Amanda Jones / Sugar Kane seems like a fun model to work with.
Did you think we were going to make some sort of pussy/pussy cat joke? Yea, pilule you did.

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