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Joan Halloway / Christina Hendricks

A Madmen Joan Halloway / Christina Hendricks look a like – look a like, buy really looks a like, and like the Joan Halloway / Christina Hendricks look a like.

(look a like model/photos at mike dowson )

Vacation Photos

“…well this is me above the bay” narrates the giant solo boob.

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Daylight Savings

It’s that time once again to set your clocks back and get naked one hour earlier.

TIME NOTE: Time travel still impossible.

TIME TRAVELER’S NOTE: Not anymore, cialis 40mg people of the past…

Prop 19 Fails

California Prop 19, ed decriminalizing possession of marijuana, try has failed to pass. Girls across California make sexy pouty faces and smoke in protest to the poll results.

Poll Results, Sweating Anticipation

Babes across the U.S are sweating in anticipation, advice especially in California where prop 19 and 23 are button issues. The results of the 2010 polls should be coming in at any moment cross your fingers and twist your nips this should be a close one.

Girls for California Prop 19

Girls around California are showing their sexy support for Prop 19 Legalization and Decriminalizing personal use of Marijuana. Keep em coming girls!

Sony Discontinues Walkman

Today Sony Japan officially kills the Sony Walkman Cassette player. First launched in 1979, side effects since Sony’s Walkman has sold 220 million units worldwide. To put it into perspective, decease since 2004 Apple’s iPod has sold 240 million, as of January 2010.

We will truly probably not miss you all that much Sony Walkman, but let us take this moment and reflect on the great times we had together.

This Just In – You’re Hilarious!

Babezatron confirmed Saturday, case that you’re funny. Good for you.

Home Depot to Add New ‘Hard Wood’ Section

The Home Depot announced this weekend that they will begin work on a new ‘Hard Wood’ section. Strangely, buy it will apparently be located nowhere near the lumber.

Fatal Shark Attack off the Santa Barbara Coast

Babes could do nothing but look on as a 20 old year man was fatally attacked by a shark off the coast of Santa Barbara California today.


Halloween Pumpkins and Melons

Look at all those melons, cheapest ripe for the picking.

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Babe Gets Irony

20% of crazy babes who have flappy meat flaps, link suggest using an iron (setting on low) to iron out all the crinkles and folds. The result, a nicely tucked and clean vagina ready to wear for any occasion.

NEWS UPDATE: Ironically iron techniques don’t bring down the puffiness of puffy nipples.

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