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Ineke Goes Animation

Charming animation by Ineke Goes.

Pixel Fucks

Get your animated gif fix at

Safe Sex For Seniors

In the past 5 years, salve the rate of STDs among active seniors has risen over 70%. This public service announcement promotes the importance of using condoms, viagra order illustrated by mature adults in various poses of the Kama Sutra.

Bubonic Plague back on the rise?

Babes N Donuts

Scion gives their demographic exactly what they want; cars, information pills babes and donuts. As shown via their new marketing campaign for the Scion IQ.

Azealia Banks – 212 Music Video

Azealia Banks. Holy shit, web she rules. Click, watch, listen, repeat.


Director duo Staston brothers create a pretty convincing commercial to rent bicycles from wherever the hell this rental place is.

Miami Ice Cream Trucks

Whats hotter than the humid heat of Miami? This fucking ice cream truck rolling around with babes merely wearing horrible spray art of ice cream on their banging bodies while selling crappy frozen high fructose corn syrup. But me licky licky.

YELLE – Comme Un Enfant – Music Video

We are suckers for catchy pop tunes, sales we are even bigger suckers for cute little fucking french lead singers. Here is the latest music video by director Jérémie Saindon for YELLE‘s Safari Disco Club album.

Sex Is No Accident

A few sexy funny animated bumpers from MTV and ad agency Grey Worldwide, clinic animated by Parasol Island, reminding you to play it safe.

Alpine / Hands Music Video

Bizarrely seductive music video by Luci Schroder for Melbourne based electronic group Alpine. Its a must watch if you like girls making out with axes, discount themselves, the tv, watermelons, fish in swimming pools, their own wrists.

XXXmas Card

Director Tom Kuntz of MJZ wishes you a happy holiday.

Drifting Wardrobe Malfunction Video

Unless you drive a Toyota Supra or even know what that means, page this is probably the only drifting video you’ll ever need to watch. Halfway into the video the helmetless big bosommed babe’s shirt bursts during a major drift, revealing her floppy tire racks.

Rammstein Mein Land Music Video

Its a PG beach party filled with vintage bikini babes dancing along to the rocking German sounds of Rammstein’s Mein Land.

Get Those Censor Bars Outta My Life

Director David Knight has fun with black censor bars over naked babes romping and running about, seek for The BPA’s Toe Jam track. If you ask him nicely, maybe the editor on this music video will leak an uncensored version.

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