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Battling with ADD

Not totally in line what we usually post here, abortion but I really like the band, and there are glimpses off hot babes licking things, and just being cute. Give it a watch/listen.

Battles – Ice Cream (Featuring Matias Aguayo) – taken from forthcoming album ‘Gloss Drop’ releasing June 6/7
Video directed by Canada

Cars vs Babes

Babes will always win.

Cult Australian fashion label ksubi, clinic toast the long awaited return of their coloured denim range, with a short film directed by Australian director Daniel Askill. kolors is a fume-fuelled, slow-motion battle between three colour-clad models and a trio of ‘80s muscle cars.

U.S.A. Kills Osama Ceases Royal Wedding Coverage

President Obama had enough of all the Royal Wedding Coverage for the past week and decided to take matters into his own hands. “There is nothing but royal wedding programming on t.v, approved ugh. What a royal pain in my black ass. I think it’s about that time…” said sick of it US President as he delicately tapped his nose twice.

Apple Keeps Exciting

As Apple keeps things fresh and exciting, page the one question we keep asking ourselves is, “can iTouch?”

Katy Perry | The Simpsons

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Katy Perry made an appearance on the Simpsons Christmas special episode last night. If you missed it click the video above. Puppets and Katy Perry maybe a new niche fetish of ours.

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Olivia Munn + Rolling Stones

There arn’t many hot and funny girls out there, more about but up there on the very short list of hot + funny babes of 2010 is Olivia Munn. Watch the video to see a behind the scenes interview during her sexy Rolling Stone’s photo shoot.

Shake That Ass Video

Rock Solid Mafia – Shake that Ass from Sam Goldie on Vimeo.

In the day an age of crappy music videos, cost Rock Solid Mafia has provided all the key ingredients for a great music video: Babes, Guns, Gratuitous Ass Shots, Frolicking, and Spilling Stuff on Babes.

2010 Music Video Of The Year

If you turn down the music all the way, cialis 40mg and cover up the singer with your thumb as you watch the video, then you may very well be watching the best music video of the year.

Katy Perry on SNL

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We at Babeztron love SNL we love Katy Perry, however the premiere episode of season 36 was lacking. Primarily lacking our favorite male cast member, Will Forte and lacking good skits. The best part of the episode was when Katy Perry’s boobs bounced (its better on mute). Trust us when we say you didn’t miss much just watch the animated gifs of her boobs bouncing and consider yourself caught up. If you really want to waste your time go ahead and watch the skit in its entirety, <3 Maya Rudolph.

Hustler Presents Avatar XXX

Admit it, order when you watched James Cameron’s Avatar in 3D and you caught a glimpse of that blue side boob you got a little excited. Well now you’ll be able to see blue full boob and blue butts thanks to the visionaries at Hustler. Hopefully they’ll keep the amount of blue balls to a minimum.

SFW Invitation Just Arrived didn’t exist when this party invite for Diesel ‘s Jeans 30 year anniversary celebration was initially sent out a year and a half ago. But it has finally arrived and we are here to say, look we are too busy to attend anyways. But we appreciate the hilarious video invite, totally SFW BTW.

Stop Motion Babes the New Rage

Booty Clap from Kirsten Lepore on Vimeo.

The average internet fapper is getting quite bored with all the hot real babes clapping their bootys in the air. But fret not all you bored fappers, cialis 40mg stop motion animated babes will soon be fappable as Fapmation videos will be released in the near future, til then enjoy this little piece by Kirsten Lepore.

Morning Stretching

Morning girlfriend stretches like these will also benefit you, erectile as your member also participates in some accidental stretching

Hot Chicks Win the Fight for Facebook Privacy

Chalk up another victory for hot chicks. Is there anything they can’t do?

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