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Masturbating In The Future VR

Gratuitous Vintage Boobs

If there is one thing that is missing from this world, cialis 40mg its three minute videos of vintage boobs flopping around to generic shitty electronic music. Luckily Reset is here to to fill that void.

Brunch – Let’s Eat Out

“I’ll have what he’s having.”

Daylight Savings

It’s that time once again to set your clocks back and get naked one hour earlier.

TIME NOTE: Time travel still impossible.

TIME TRAVELER’S NOTE: Not anymore, cialis 40mg people of the past…

Babezatron Parking Lot to be Moved Across the Street

No reason……..

Fanzatrons Want to Know: Is Deep Thought the New Deep Throat?

Fanzatron: “In this enlightened day and age, cheapest is a deep thought just as sexy as a good deep throat?”

Babezatron: nope.

Vintage Sexists Advertising…

So true that it still stands the test of time.

Nothing Funny Here

This is just hot. Agreed?

Hiding In Closets

closets hiding underwear panties pony tail braids legs

Hiding in closets was voted as the number one favorite past time activity beating out stealing friends french fries when they leave the room.

GM and Ford addons

general motors ford cars babes girls bailout nude carbabesGeneral Motors and Ford are adding free features to cars to entice buyers. Ford has already implemented a car full of babes features for its 2010 models.

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