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Minju Kim

Geometric Porn is a fun abstract take on sex. A project by Luciano Foglia, this a multidisciplinary visual artist. Check out the video and or download it to your iphone.

Something abstract existing in thought or as an idea but not having a physical or concrete existence. Visual geometry containing the non-explicit description of sexual organs or activity. Arising in the mind it intends to stimulate erotic rather than aesthetic or emotional feelings.

GeometricPorn is a project by Luciano Foglia, a multidisciplinary visual artist. He has been working in the design industry for over ten years focusing on interactive design, code based animations and music. His personal time is spent exploring new ways of expression in music and art, working from his studio in London, Hackney Wick.

We know what you were thinking as soon as you saw the masks, approved “man I want to drop some loads on them masks”. Luckily at the International Fashion Showcase 2012, cost Minju Kim created a bunch of anime-esque masks to compliment her fun colorful poppy clothing. So maybe some of the runway models are partying hard late at night, carrying around those masks. And if you are as smooth and rohypnoley enough, you’ll probably be able to trick them into a night of naked mask wearing and load dropping. Good luck.

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