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Photo Of The Day 08.14.12


2 Girls One Cup of Coffee

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  Sculptures by Anti Glamour.

Boobzie Coozie




The Boobzie coozie ($9) for your boozie, page look you loozie…r.

Photo Of The Day 07.26.12

Eiffel Towering? Psh, pharm Watts Towering, new level shit.

Sex Questions From 7th Graders






A middle school teacher receives adorably clueless questions from young adolescents all day long, look and has collected and posted the questions on a tumblr, order

I teach at a middle school in a major American city. I have a box in my class that students put questions in that they’re too embarrassed to ask aloud. Every so often, I answer them in class. The Questions are almost always about sex. So that’s what this is. Updated twice daily. Oh, also, they put gum there too. They can be real fuckers sometimes.

Photo Of The Day 07.24.12

Breast Size Gene Located

Researchers have identified seven genetic markers linked with a woman’s breast size, thumb according to a new study.
While it’s was known that breast size is in part heritable, the study is the first to find specific genetic factors that are associated with differences in breast size, the researchers said.

In addition, two of these markers have previously been associated with breast cancer risk. This suggests some of the same biological pathways underlie both normal breast growth and breast cancer, said study researcher Nicholas Eriksson, of 23andMe, the genetic testing company that conducted the study.

Sad Man Creates Virtual GF


Introducing the“naked lady in a bathtub”‘ iPhone case. Buy it here, viagra order and forever be alone.


Introducing the“naked lady in a bathtub”‘ iPhone case. Buy it here, sick and forever be alone.

Found via Geekologie

This is a video of a guy demonstrating his virtual reality girlfriend. She was created using a hacked Kinect, and some video glasses, pharm and a heaping scoop of sad, pervertedness. Her actual avatar is Hatsune Miku, a Japanese virtual reality pop star, and the object of more than one misguided man’s affections. 


Hottub iPhone Case


Introducing the“naked lady in a bathtub”‘ iPhone case. Buy it here, viagra 100mg healing and forever be alone.

Photo Of The Day 07.11.12

Craftsmen Tools


Craftsmen Tools print ad by Advertising Agency Scholz & Friends, prostate Berlin, Germany.

Girls Unawares



Girl Unawares some wild 3D imagery.

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