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Photo Of The Day 01.18.12

Maurizio Di

Photographer Maurizio Di Iorio updates with a series called ‘A Point Moving on a Crooked Curve’.

Champion or Chumpion #09

This is a tough one, shop a. shes got giant floppy knockers, b. she is breaking bricks with soft ass said knockers, c. she may have a set of testies hiding in her vag. You make the call.
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Photo Of The Day 01.14.12

via unknown

Photo Of The Day 01.13.12


Director duo Staston brothers create a pretty convincing commercial to rent bicycles from wherever the hell this rental place is.

Photo Of The Day 01.12.12

Alva Bernadine

Fotoshop by Adobé

Director Jesse Rosten creates a satirical commercial for a magic product that enhances the perception of modern beauty for females. The message is clear, healing its presented very tongue and cheek, cialis 40mg nicely executed. However it is slightly hitting us over the head with that message, fun none the less.

Photo Of The Day 01.11.12

via ridiculouslybeautiful

Photo Of The Day 01.10.12

The Last Man on Earth – Gian Alfonso Pacinotti via flashglamtrash

Miami Ice Cream Trucks

Whats hotter than the humid heat of Miami? This fucking ice cream truck rolling around with babes merely wearing horrible spray art of ice cream on their banging bodies while selling crappy frozen high fructose corn syrup. But me licky licky.

YELLE – Comme Un Enfant – Music Video

We are suckers for catchy pop tunes, sales we are even bigger suckers for cute little fucking french lead singers. Here is the latest music video by director Jérémie Saindon for YELLE‘s Safari Disco Club album.

Photo Of The Day 01.06.12

Photo Of The Day

We are going to try and do quick little posts everyday entitled photo of the day. Whatever photo we feel deemed worthy of being the days photo will get posted, recipe either funny, viagra cute, sexy, erotic, bizarre whatever works for that day. Feel free to submit your photos for photo of the day by emailing or tweeting a link.

Photo source Edward Wayne

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