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Ren Hang

Photographer Ren Hang


Jonny Negron


Finally an illustration of a magical Narwhal humanoid having sex with a one piece bikini wearing scuba diver. View more of Jonny Negron‘s wild illustrations now!

Patrice O’Neal Dead

Comedian Patrice O’Neal died this Monday night. Suffering from a stroke and diabetes complications starting in October.

His hilarious break down of relationships, medications was truthful, unique, and should be watched by all girls acting all crazy and shit with their man.

Pay a little respect to Patrice ladies, S’ some D’s like a pornostar for your boyfriend, lover, or whatever tonight, it’s what Patrice would have wanted. Also watch Elephant In The Room, preferably while giving/getting said head.

Cyber Monday

You may know some bargain hunters that have been camping outside the Best Buys, see Targets, sale and Wal-Marts, story for Black Friday, but there are many other desperate shop crazed maniacs, camping for days beside their laptop anxiously refreshing their browsers on sites like and, trying to get the next useless bargain.

Luckily for you the fine folks at Gizmodo have made the job easier for you, they’ve collected all the incoming deals and created a filter search, here

Good hunting, we’ll be in the AOL chat rooms trying to cyber sex some 40 year olds pretending to be a 19f/cali/witPix. Cyber Monday Rules!

Model: Iiniku Ushijima Photo: source?>

Tony Stamolis

Photographer Tony Stamolis has a collection of fantastically raw, here sexy, humorous character portraits.

Happy Turkey Day

We are very thankful for all the babes in this world but most importantly all our fans of Babezatron. Thanks so much for your constant viewing, illness reblogging, and liking. Many thanks, have a happy and safe turkey day.

photo via ?

Brian Donnelly

Brian Donnelly captures the classic butter face, abortion a mug like a dog, dosage and a bod of an angel, more about in a series of wonderful portrait paintings. Brian Donnelly has a solo show opening this Saturday, November 19th at 19 Karen Contemporary in Gold Coast, Australia.

Rammstein Mein Land Music Video

Its a PG beach party filled with vintage bikini babes dancing along to the rocking German sounds of Rammstein’s Mein Land.

Demi and Ashton Split

Demi Moore announced today that she plans to end her six year marriage to actor Ashton Kutcher after allegations of infidelity. This means of course, decease that Demi will once again be the worlds most desirable milf; while Kutcher will continue to star on the number one sitcom on television…although strangely, I don’t know a single person who watches his show.

PiXXXels by Jean-Yves Lemoigne

French photographer Jean-Yves Lemoigne plays with pixels and babes in a fun playful way that gets our our dixels all lit up.

Urbanoutfitters Ri-dick-ulous


We’ve always thought Urban Outfitters needed a redesign, more about but not a complete overhaul, medicine just a little tweak. Something was definitely missing (doodles of dicks everywhere). Well this tumblr blog, has tweaked it ever so slightly, and fixed their design problem.

Get Those Censor Bars Outta My Life

Director David Knight has fun with black censor bars over naked babes romping and running about, seek for The BPA’s Toe Jam track. If you ask him nicely, maybe the editor on this music video will leak an uncensored version.

Gavin Bond

Photographer Gavin Bond has some pretty fun and witty images.

Heavy Dead

Heavy D, look of Heavy D and the Boyz, has passed away at age 44. Rest in pies.

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