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Meanwhile In Brazil

Life Vest Sales Plummeting

With the rise in (clear throat) natural lady flotation devices, viagra 40mg the life vest industry is failing. Said one retailer, what is ed “we’re essentially losing %100 of our market since women no longer need the vests and men are too drunk and stubborn to wear them in the first place.”


Ribs swimsuit by Black Milk

Excited FBI Investigates Nude Scarlett Johansson

Hollywood celeb Scarlett Johansson, pharmacy has tapped the FBI for help investigating who could have hacked and stolen nude photos of the famed actress. The FBI seems to have taken on the case without hesitation. “Those novelty shirts that say ‘Federal Boob Investigator’ could really come in handy right about now”, says stoked FBI agent.

Solar Powered Bikini


Plug me in babe.

Designed by Andrew Schneider, order this solar-powered bikini can pump some electric juice into your gadgads via USB connection. The bikini is fitted with photovoltaic strips that are held together with conductive thread.

“A solar film bikini that charges your iPod! (With a USB connection!) The suit is a standard medium-sized bikini swimsuit retrofitted with 1″ x 4″ photovoltaic film strips sewn together in series with conductive thread. The cells terminate in a 5 volt regulator into a female USB connection.”

Happy Anniversary

Lets take a moment to remember 10 years ago today, find because honestly you probably already forgot to never forget.

Gone Fishin’

Babezatron staff will be taking a fishing trip this weekend. See you on Monday suckers.

Exhibitionist Coffee Cup

Its funny, sildenafil thanks Brock Davis for bringing a little sexy humor in an otherwise humorless unsexy coffee world.

Which Hogwarts School Would You Attend?

…Cool, order hop on in.

Long Lost Video

So you know that video you’ve been searching several months for? You know the one where hot brunette girl in a bikini jumps in super slow motion for a good 3 minutes? Yea that one, viagra well, we found it for you. You’re welcome.


Sexily whimsical photos by Taiwanese photographer Chien-Yang.


My Friend Carlos Says…

My friend Carlos says that Mila Kunis is not hot. What say you?

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‘Rise’ Of The Apes

Not only was Rise Of The Apes an entertaining summer movie (sincerely it was go watch it), click so was watching this ape get his little chimp rise on with the help of Katy Perry’s banana bags.

Future Of Lady Gaga’s Fashion Has Been Determined

Time traveler and cartoonist draws Lady Gaga’s future wardrobe. And in the future, illness coke snorts you.

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