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Harry Potter Billionaire

This past weekend, find Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 became the first in the series to cross the $1 billion mark at the worldwide box office. Time to fucking celebrate hard, those residual checks are going to be nice and fat this year, you lucky jerks.


Shark Week, This Week

Discovery channel begins their week of non stop shark programming July 31st. No word if they will premiere the controversial In the Deep : Black Tigers On Great Whites iV.

We <3 Kreayshawn

Now we just need to meet her…probably on Fairfax.

No Smurfin’ Way

A blonde Katy Perry as Smurfette right before Papa Smurf got Smurfed til he was Smurfing all over her Smurfing Smurfs.

Kim Kardashian Diagnosed With Psoriasis and Swelling

On Sunday’s “Keeping Up with the Kardashians, viagra sale ” the reality beauty discovered that she has psoriasis, ampoule an autoimmune disease that causes red, scaly spots to appear – usually due to stress. Also on Sunday we noticed two huge bumps near her backside. Although no information was given to the swelling of the rearside, we can only assume its an allergic reaction to whore.

Champion or Chumpion? #03

Let’s face facts; dudes piss in the street on a regular basis. Sometimes it’s just easier than walking into a random Popeye’s Chicken and using their filthy, sildenafil albeit delicious fried chicken smelling restroom. This babe has obviously decided to strike a blow for women’s lib and engage in a little curbin’ urine herself. Let it not be overlooked that she is also texting and has been sipping on little Four Loco (classy til the end girl).

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Amy Winehouse Reported Dead

Amy Winehouse, sales 27, visit has been reportedly found dead. However we are still convinced she was Steven Tyler (we would say “in drag”, but you know, he already dresses like a bitch) this whole entire time. I mean “dude looks like a lady”, come on, read between the lines. The ultimate reveal is coming, just wait, M Night couldn’t even come up with a twist this twisted in his wildest brown dreams.


Happy Birthday Selena Gomez

Happy 19th Birthday Selena Gomez, view for your birthday we got you a bunch of dudes jerking it to your photoshopped nudes and some hand written birthday cards written in blood and semen by at least 6 guys.

The Walking Dead Season 2

We here at Babezatron love The Walking Dead, viagra buy here’s the first scene from the upcoming season 2 of AMC’s hit show. Also here is a pretty epic poster depicting our heroes trapped on the roof of their RV. The Walking Dead will have its San Diego Comic-Con panel on Friday. Hopefully season 2 has some sweet zombie sex action, either be it zombie on zombie or human on zombie, we are down with the undead.

Is It Just Me? 02

Is it just me or are her hands just too big and manly for her adorably petite hipster head?

photo via jaycinsta

Happy 93rd Bday Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela is 93 years young today. Go get ’em NM.

Winking Making a Big Comeback this Summer

As the calendar continues to shed, see and the sun continues to warm, a trend that has been considered anything from creepy to dorky over the past few years is making a strong push to become the latter part of summers comeback kid. Across America, people are starting to wink again, and it’s a fashion statement now that cannot be ignored. Wink proudly readers.

Nintendo Wii-eed

The Groningen Mental Enhancement Department in the Netherlands recently conducted a one-year study to see how gaming and cannabis can affect the brains of Alzheimer’s patients. All the test subjects played increasingly challenging games each day, ed but half the group was also administered smoke. Would you believe that the marijuana test group scored 43 percent better memory retention than the control group? (via kotaku)

Can we just say, pharmacy its super adorable when girls play video games, especially when they move the controller around or move their head thinking their player will move more from their extra, albeit cute, moves, but its even more adorable when they fucking rage off a foot and a half bong load.

But really F-Zero X? Boner killed.


Conceded Girl Still Liked By All

Conceded girls are always going to be liked, nurse even when they purposely drop their friends out of focus in a group photo. And its ok, because shes hot.

photo by megan mcisaac

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