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Jack Kevorkian Dies

Dr. Death Jack Kevorkian died today June 03 2011 at age 83 at Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak. Assisted suicide is still a hot button issue, this and Jack Kevorkian in his best efforts has brought this discussion to the forefront. It is everymans’ right to to die by delicious babe ass asphyxiation, sildenafil and there is no reason why the government should interfere between a man’s face and a woman’s ass.

photo via sugartalker

Shaq Retires, White Girls Relieved

After 19 NBA seasons, stuff Shaquille O’ Neal announces his retirement. Four NBA championships, side effects (only two behind Jordan, see photo) 5th all time scorer, 12th all time rebounder, 7th all time blocker, and 1st most stitches given to phat assed white girls.

photo via dontruinthend

Hangover 2 Weekend

Hangover 2 earned $137.4 million in five days. Meanwhile a Thai hooker made $10 in 5 days sitting on an extra bushy faced Zach Galifianakis look alike.



Snooki Crashes / Smushes Into Italian Police Car

Jersey Shore’s Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, viagra 40mg crashed into a police car in Florence, Italy, sending two officers to the hospital.

Looks like smushing two Italians at the same time can be check off her Euro to do list.

In Memory Of Memorial Day

Local Veterans have submitted their proposal for a day to Remember Memorial Day. “Far too many people have forgotten that thousands of Americans died killing Nazi Krauts, medicine we demand a day to remember that Memorial Day acknowledges that there is a day to remember all those that have fallen”, says local Vet. Currently the proposed Remember Memorial Day falls on Pillow Fight Friday which may not go over so well to those that looove to pillow fight.

photo source Hattie Watson

Face to Panty Ratio

Face to Panty Ratio (2011) from Richard Kern on Vimeo.

Faces and Underwear.

The long debated Face or Panty debate, link still rages on. Panties seems to be in the lead, but thats debatable.

South Park Live Action Movie

Reports are coming in that creators of South Park, cialis 40mg Matt Stone and Trey Parker, try are in talks of adapting their beloved cartoon South Park, into a live action movie. Casting is still in preliminary phase, but there is a good chance that the ass of Sasha Grey will play face of Cartman.

Friday the 13th PSA

On this Friday the 13th, healing Babezatron would like to remind you to try and avoid the following: the woods, physician lakes at which teenagers were murdered ten years ago to the day, viagra 60mg abandoned barns/shacks, long stretches of highway with no civilization in sight, campgrounds, high school reunions, bordellos, closed down mental hospitals, old mining towns, carnivals after they close, castles, dreams, remote tropical islands, graveyards, foggy areas, mirrors, underneath beds, rocking chairs on porches, and nursery rhymes.

Embarrassing Photo Protective Sunglasses

Are you embarrassed about being an Urban Outfitters model wearing stupid novelty sunglasses? Then censor yourself by wearing, website Urbanoutfitters’ stupid novelty sunglasses. Buy them here at Urban Outfitters.


The difference in risk of seriously injuring oneself, viagra sale between grinding the slippery rails on a bmx bike and grinding the slippery tail on a bmx’ed babe, is only slight. But one activity can substantially injure your lil’ rider more.

Battling with ADD

Not totally in line what we usually post here, abortion but I really like the band, and there are glimpses off hot babes licking things, and just being cute. Give it a watch/listen.

Battles – Ice Cream (Featuring Matias Aguayo) – taken from forthcoming album ‘Gloss Drop’ releasing June 6/7
Video directed by Canada

Cars vs Babes

Babes will always win.

Cult Australian fashion label ksubi, clinic toast the long awaited return of their coloured denim range, with a short film directed by Australian director Daniel Askill. kolors is a fume-fuelled, slow-motion battle between three colour-clad models and a trio of ‘80s muscle cars.

Cinco de Mayo PSA

On this Cinco de Mayo (or National Tequila Day), check Babezatron would like to remind you to have fun, but to be careful boyos…Ojo y no se hechen un cinco en Cinco de Mayo.

C.S.I. Miley Cyrus

CBS has announced they will be launching a new spin off series called C.S.I.M.C. (Crime Scene Investigators Miley Cyrus). Billy Ray Cyrus plays a  CSI  investigator by day and obsessive super fan by night maniac. Watch as he juggles his straight shooting job versus his creepy side investigation of  1, ambulance 000’s upon 1,000’s of allegedly faked Miley Cyrus topless and cameltoe shots.

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