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U.S.A. Kills Osama Ceases Royal Wedding Coverage

President Obama had enough of all the Royal Wedding Coverage for the past week and decided to take matters into his own hands. “There is nothing but royal wedding programming on t.v, approved ugh. What a royal pain in my black ass. I think it’s about that time…” said sick of it US President as he delicately tapped his nose twice.

Osama Bin Laden Dead

If you are just now discovering about Osama Bin Laden’s death via, what is ed you are the best.

From a Seed Grows a Tree…

A young Steve Jobs never imagined that an apple filled ass would, about it because of Apple, turn into an ass filled with money.


Local Ex Girlfriends Decide to Go Wild After Break Up

Local ex girlfriends decide to continue the hated tradition of pissing off ex-boyfriends after breakups, this with techniques like:

-Dressing like a slut
-Non-chalant  bestfriend titty grabs
-Posting “I had a REALLY good time at local hip-hop club” on facebook
-Doing coke off dudes’ cocks
-Always wanting to dance and grind
-Suddenly being ok with giving blowjobs
-Losing 10pounds
– Being happy and successful

Archeologists Uncover Rare Rearmains

After decades of tireless research, look archeologists in South America, have finally uncovered the rearmains of the elusive Veloc-Rear-Raped-Her, a dino who lived (and raped) during the jurASSic age. Said one scientist on scene, “I’ll tell you one thing, my wife might look like a triceratops, but she’d never go for this.”

Happy Passover

Now, ampoule how about you lift up that conservative long Jewish skirt and flip that ass over?


(In Yiddish accent) “You want I should lick those meat curtains? No dairy please”
(just incase you missed that joke, its because they can’t combine meat and dairy)

Lindsay Lohan Sentenced

A California Judge sentenced actress Lindsay Lohan to 120 days in jail yesterday, cure though she was bailed out after only 5 hours. Lohan stated that the situation was both “ridiculous” and “f**ked up.” Most people we’ve talked to stated that Lohan is both “ridiculous” and “f**ked up.”

Katy Perry Kisses A Girl and Likes It, Again

Katty Perry admits to having bi curious experiments with silky smooth Justin Bieber.

Legendary Hottub Source of Legionarre Disease

The source of bacteria outbreak Legionarre Disease, cialis 40mg which affected 200 party guest at the famed Playboy mansion, seems to have come from the infamous grotto hottub. Officials from the Los Angeles health department confess results from tests would have been released earlier but scientist’s wives required them to avert eyes as they tested contaminated Playboy mansion  guests.

Tie Dye Shirts Complain Stoners Not Groovy Enough

As stoners barely remember to celebrate 420, information pills tie dye shirts around the United States plea for a more groovy session. So please, won’t you be a lil’ more groovy, for the swirly li’ guys.

Tyson Autobiography Finally Has Title: “Tits Taste Better Than Ears”

The long awaited Mike Tyson autobiography, look which was originally slated to be released sometime in 2010, has finally been completed and given a title. The soon-to-be best seller, which is aptly titled (after much deliberation), ‘Tits Taste Better Than Ears,’ is set to hit bookstores just after Tyson’s latest acting venture, The Hangover Part 2, opens nationwide on May 26th. Other title ideas for the book included, ‘Who Spiked My Punches?,’Mike Tyson: Write Hand Knock Out,’ and ‘The Boxer’s Briefs.’

Yellow Lantern Green Lit

With the anticipated success of the upcoming superhero flick, page The Green Lantern, information pills a female asian friendly version of the popular comic book turned movie has already begun production. Said one Hollywood exec, “the audience is going to rove it. Though they may feel the need to see another movie about an hour or so viewing this one.”

Straightest Guy In Town Drops Bombshell

The straightest guy in a small north western town (owner of two, website yes two pickup trucks) admitted Sunday that, “if this is a dude…I’m into dudes.” Clearly, this dude is hot.


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