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Group of Friends Leave Friend’s Behind

Park walking friends leave friend behind. Friend’s naked behind has no problem making new friends.

New Theory Suggested; Geologists Hmmm In Unison

Theory suggests that South America and Africa may have been formed during sexy steamy teenage showering. Geologist require more extensive research in local teens bathroom to confirm. In addition Hawaii also may have been created when soap dropped.

Sleepy Student Smart

Local sleepy student babe preemptively removes tittays from shirt to use as a pillow just incase she passes out during class. “I will allow it”, ask says classroom teacher.

Friends: The One Where Rachael Gets Naked

Best episode ever.

This Just In

she had huge tits…

Rain Dances to Overtake Laps at Strip Clubs??

A new trend is gaining a lot of steam at strip clubs around the nation; rain dances. Where once a poncho was needed to deflect the happy juices of satisfied middle aged men, viagra the plastic shields are now necessary to deflect actual precipitation. Said one dancer, “now it’s our turn to make it rain.” Stay tuned as babezatron investigates (every Tuesday at Fantasy Island).

Laser Tits

Scientists are asked to hurry up with creating tits that shoot 80’s like laser beams already. Local man extremely annoyed and no longer content with CD-Rom tits. (See previous post below regarding cd-rom tits)

Friend Linkz #05

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Picking Up Hitchhikers Cool Again

After years of public outcry and negative press, tadalafil the adventure and experience of picking up needy travelers off the side of the road is once again a cool thing to do. So what if you get killed…you’ll probably at the very least see some boobs first.

photo found via nickthedickreloaded

Apple Has Taken Over Our Minds!

If you’re like me, price the first thing you thought when you saw this babez boob with a cd on it was, “get an iPod already.”

Meanwhile in Egypt

Soldiers are attempting to disperse the violent rioting by using hot babe soldiers, what is ed will it work? We hope so.

photo source ?

Quick Tipz #07

Do not let this girl go…

The Office + Will Ferrell

Will Ferrell will play a Dunder Mifflin branch manager who gets sent to Scranton in at least four episodes this season. As this is Steve Carrell’s last season, approved producers knew they wanted to replace him with someone who had a name that could rhyme with Carrell…

Movie Quotez #02

How would you like to bite that in the ass, this develop lock jaw and be draged to death

“How would you like to bite that in the ass, develop lock jaw and be dragged to death?”

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