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Sweet Sugar Kane

Amanda Jones / Sugar Kane seems like a fun model to work with.
Did you think we were going to make some sort of pussy/pussy cat joke? Yea, pilule you did.

Katy Perry | The Simpsons

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Katy Perry made an appearance on the Simpsons Christmas special episode last night. If you missed it click the video above. Puppets and Katy Perry maybe a new niche fetish of ours.

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Friends Linkz 03

See what our friends are posting.

The Beer Goggler – Katy Perry
Bad Girls Hotbox – Vikki Blows and Frien
In the Raw – Dree Hemingway GIFS

Pretty Hot & Sexy – Gisele Bunchen topless in Vogue
Your Daily Girl – Bulgarian Playboy Playmates

Professor Xavier Meets His New Students in Japan’s Slightly Odd Version of X-Men

Though a release date has not been set, sildenafil screen shots from Japan’s interpretation of Marvel Comic’s X-men were leaked to Babezatron just days ago.

INITIAL THOUGHTS: Wolverine has a pretty nice ass.

Insane Clown Pussy

Photographer Daniel Cronin , purchase has managed to find some hot ICP babes amongst the disgustingly slack-jawed yokels at their concerts. Now if only Daniel could have got those girls to show off their “Juggalos” we would approve attending an ICP show.

Lebron Chalking It Up

Will Miami Heat ‘s Lebron James commit to his ritual chalk clap in his former team’s home game in Cleveland on Thursday night?

We don’t know. But what we do know is, sale that he will continue to chalk up white girls breasts after the game 100%.

You Scream, Ass Scream…

Everyone screams for some ass-cream.

Harry Potter Faked

It has come to our attention that none of the magic in the Harry Potter documentaries are real. We at Babezatron are appalled and and disgusted by the charade. At least Hermoine’s / Emma Watson ‘s nude photos are real.

Disney’s Tangled Blows Harry

Disney’s 3D animated movie “Tangled”, viagra sale blows Harry Potter at the box office this weekend. Dropping an estimated 68.5 million dollar load all over HP7’s face.

Sexy Airport Screenings

TSA has created a new agency for an even more aggressive airport screening stance. The newly formed agency, viagra 40mg TNA,  will begin pulling hot girls into special lines effective immediately.

Happy Thanksgiving

Let us remember the Pilgrims whom squatted with the Native Americans on Thanksgiving so many years ago.

To Boldly Go Where No Man Has Gone Before

“It’s ok Jim, more about I’ll just hang back and scout the lay of the land a little more…”

Brunch – Let’s Eat Out

“I’ll have what he’s having.”

Paramore Adult Film In Talks

A San Fernando Valley studio is in talks with the band Paramore to create a Mockumentary Porno feature the beloved red head lead singer, shop Hayley Williams.
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