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Happy Birthday Stephen

Babe Gets Classiest Low Class Tattoo Ever

A babe on the East Coast, page has tattooed one the classiest symbols in fashion on one of the least classy spots on the human body. Indeed it looks cool, and that armpit does smell somehow better that it’s counterpart; but it’s still kind of an odd choice.

What the Hell is That?

I don’t know…

Golden Toilet Monster Attacks on the Rise

After years of laying dormant, viagra the Golden Toilet Monsters, erectile that reeked so much havoc in the mid 1970’s, have been attacking beautiful babes all over the globe. The only way to stop the evil golden clan is, of course, to photograph each incident and submit it to We look forward to helping.

Spongebob Star Patrick Checks Into Rehab

After several racy photos, healing numerous barroom brawls, buy more about and yes, even a sex tape, Spongebob Squarepants star Patrick, announced that he will be taking a break from filming to check into an undisclosed rehab center for drug and sex addiction.

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Choose Your Caption 02 ( Harry Potter Edition )

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3DD Book Review / Contest

3DD / Boobs in 3-D / Book Review

The most fantastic forms of entertainment comes in threes:  the three breasted lady alien in Total Recall, visit   the band Three Doors Down (maybe), what is ed and Photographer Henry Hargreaves’ 3 Dimensional Book about Boobs 3DD.

The moment we received the 86 page book filled with tasteful and tasty photos of breasts,  we were immediately giddy and excited. Some of us were noticeably way more excited. We immediately put on the the 3-D glasses that were provided in the book and flipped through the pages. There is a fun nostalgia factor of experiencing the red and blue 3-D that is totally remixed with viewing mature material.

We were in awe at the boobs popping right out at us. The boobs vary in size, shape, color, and sexiness but the photos are all packaged in a cohesive, fun, and sexy way. This is more of an artsy fun coffee table book rather than material you’d want to fap to. Nonetheless, do yourself a favor; buy it for yourself, your bestfriend, or creepy uncle. It’d be a great present for the upcoming Holidays.

Want a chance to win a FREE copy of 3DD? Then enter in our very first Babezatron Contest. Simply come up with the best caption for the photo above and win your own copy of the book and 3D glasses!

Rules: You must be 18 years or older to enter. U.S. residents only. Submit your caption either by replying/commenting on this thread or e-mail your caption to babez[@]babezatron[dot]com Maximum of 3 captions per person please.  Provide a proper working e-mail address in either the posting or e-mail. Editors of will decide a winner. Captions will not be posted until after the contest is over. Winner will be notified by e-mail and we will request a U.S. mailing address to send the prize. Deadline for final entries is 11/30/2010.

Quick Tipz: PBR Does a Body Good

Forget milk! If you want a killer bod (or at least a killer buzz), treatment drink yourself an icy cold PBR.

Confused Babe Trapped in House of Mirrors Finally Gets Out

After two weeks of confusion, ed frustration, website like this and makeup checking, a confused babe in Madison, Wisconsin, was finally rescued by a local man who happened to wonder into the house of mirrors that had entrapped her. Said the babe about her rescuer, “I’m just so grateful. And I can’t believe I was rescued by triplets!”

Scarlett Johansson Hosts SNL Tonight

The sound on the office TV is currently on the fritz…but we’re going to watch anyway.

OFFICIAL OFFER: I will pay $200 to make out with Scarlett Johansson.

Twitter Pairs With iTunes Ping

Now you can let people know you’re secretly listening “The Beat of My Heart, stomach ” by Hillary Duff.

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Facebook Suggests Using “Super Log-Off”

If you REALLY don’t want your girlfriend to know that you’re still talking to Vanessa, buy information pills Facebook now allows you to select “Super Log-Off,” and become virtually untraceable.

Croc Crotch Epidemic

As reported earlier, web (Croc Crotch by the Babezatron staff), what is ed Croc Crotch now seems to be rising at an alarming rate. “Some girls don’t even realize they have it, viagra sale until it’s too late”. Doctor Crocodile Dentist advises women to examine themselves daily and check for Crocodiles hanging, protruding, birthing and biting off from their vagina, especially before any sort of webcam selfshot photos.

See original Croc Crotch report

Joan Halloway / Christina Hendricks

A Madmen Joan Halloway / Christina Hendricks look a like – look a like, buy really looks a like, and like the Joan Halloway / Christina Hendricks look a like.

(look a like model/photos at mike dowson )

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