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“…well this is me above the bay” narrates the giant solo boob.

Tapes ‘N Tapes New Single

Tapes ‘n Tapes, salve badass indie band out of Minnesota, released their new single, Freak Out, for FREE DOWNLOAD on their website last week. Babezatron has downloaded…we’ve listened…we’ve listened several more times…we love. The song is awesome, and one can only assume that the band’s new album, Outside (out 01/11/11), will have babez and dudez alike dancing in the streets.

Download the Single At :

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Glitch Will Make iPhone Alarms Late Monday

The iPhone’s alarm app will not recognize the daylight savings time change going into effect this Monday. Users will have to create a special one time alarm for Monday morning. Or you can pretend you never read this and have a pretty legit excuse to show up late for work…either way.

Daylight Savings

It’s that time once again to set your clocks back and get naked one hour earlier.

TIME NOTE: Time travel still impossible.

TIME TRAVELER’S NOTE: Not anymore, cialis 40mg people of the past…

Katy Perry Look-a-like

This just in, medications Katy Perry Look A Like, website like this really looks like Katy Perry.

Prop 19 Fails

California Prop 19, ed decriminalizing possession of marijuana, try has failed to pass. Girls across California make sexy pouty faces and smoke in protest to the poll results.

Poll Results, Sweating Anticipation

Babes across the U.S are sweating in anticipation, advice especially in California where prop 19 and 23 are button issues. The results of the 2010 polls should be coming in at any moment cross your fingers and twist your nips this should be a close one.

Lack of Fire Escapes on New Buildings Make it Harder to Cheat

Leaving at the crack of dawn is a tried and true move when it comes to fooling around. And nothing works better for a quick getaway than a good old fashioned fire escape. Unfortunately, approved for years new buildings have not been required to have such escapes, and the art of the getaway has been suffering ever since.

Related Story: Tip-Toeing not as easy as it seems. Especially after a few Roy Rogers.

Babezatron Parking Lot to be Moved Across the Street

No reason……..

Interview with Lily Francfort

NAME: Lily Francfort
AGE: 25 years old
LOCATION: Montreal
VICE: Luxury

Babezatron: We’re really nervous about this interview. Can you tell?
Lily: Yes indeed… I can smell it. hehehe

B: Is that a bad way to start an interview?
L: No. It’s funny, this since its a virtual interview, price it’s absurd and cool.

B: What would your first question be if you were interviewing someone?
L: How is life treating you these days?

B: And how would you answer that?
L: Very well, healing thank you! I get to fulfill my kinks!

B: Which do you prefer; spanker or spankee?
L: I can’t choose. It’s too hard. I love both. It depends of my mood actually. I’m much more dominant than submissive.
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Olivia Munn + Rolling Stones

There arn’t many hot and funny girls out there, more about but up there on the very short list of hot + funny babes of 2010 is Olivia Munn. Watch the video to see a behind the scenes interview during her sexy Rolling Stone’s photo shoot.

Could Narcolepsy Edge Out Nymphomania As Sexiest Disorder?

Sure, page we’re all familiar with nymphomania, medicine and the inherent hotness involved; but a girl that takes two, three, maybe even sixteen naps a day? Not too shabby. More to come as this hot debate continues.

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