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A new trend in Australia is emerging. Move over you cute lil koala fucks, viagra dosage tentacles are the new rage, try babes have been seen splashing sexily on the beaches with found squid, octopus, and occasionally a crustacean. Whatever floats your boat we say “Put another squid on the barbie’s head”

Japanese 69

Everything in Japan is wacky and wrong, ambulance yet this fail 69 is so right.

Haaaaaaaay Girl!

Farmers across the US, nurse after three days of deliberations, have finally agreed to hollaaaaaa.

Girls Surrender

Girls have officially surrendered to the insistent requests for tits. Members representing girls around the world have officially signed the doctrine, advice and effective immediately girls will have to surrender their tops as requested by anyone, case officially official. So get to requesting. #TitsorGTFO

More photos of these girls on our new found friend’s site FrontArmy

Blue Power Ranger

“Once you go Black Power Ranger you never go back”, healing says sexy Blue Power Ranger.

Chanel’s New Purse Line

In an attempt to boost sales, visit this Chanel has released some a new model of purses that include a real live model attached. “There is no way I’ll get in trouble for bringing home a babe, she comes with the purse!”, says idiot husband.

Strange Looking Mermaid Has Two Legs, No Tail

Marine biologists off the coast of the Galapagos Islands, patient have discovered a mermaid of the strangest kind. This mermaid has the normal upper portion of a human woman body, prescription but oddly, and quite frankly inexplicably, has two human legs where the fish tail portion should be. Remarked one biologist, “the only thing I can say conclusively at this point is that I would for sure hit that.”

Coke Polar Bears Arrested for Being Peeping Toms

Cokes favorite advertising darlings, viagra approved the Holiday Polar Bears, were taking into police custody Saturday, after numerous ‘peeping tom’ and invasion of privacy complaints from female students at Antarctica University. Coke was not able to reach for comment but Polar Bear Two was quoted as saying, “grrrrrrrrr.”

Heaven Gets a Sexy Makeover

Old men with white beards in white robes and sandals hanging out on clouds? No thank you. The fellas upstairs have decided to  “sex up” their look and have enlisted top designers from around the globe to help them do it. Said one church-goer, information pills “I always thought church was so boring before the new look. Now I want to give those pearly gates a pearly necklace.”

As You Stare At the Topless Girl

“Now the pants”, buy information pills says a creepy you.

World Record Explosion

Shockwaves could be felt as far as England, pharm as Guinness Draft Beer documented the world’s largest sexual squirt explosion in weeks.

Siamese Twins Risk It All

Siamese Twins, this conjoined at the ass cheeks, cialis 40mg are to undergo a risky ass to ass surgery. “This is to be the hottest fucking surgery I’ve ever performed”, says surgeon.

NEWS UPDATE: The “Ass to Ass” guy from Requiem For A Dream, will be in attendance yelling “Ayss to Ayss” prior to going under.

Lindsey Lohan Highschool Nostalgia

Lindsey Lohan has been using her time wisely whilst in jail. Lindsey has been seen making up on her highschool homework assignments. Better late than never claims, more about Mrs. Gingerbean her 10th grade geometry teacher.

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