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Babezatron Expanding

Babezatron is expanding, no rx read our professional ad we’ve posted. If you are interested or know of anyone that might be interested hit us up!

We are a small budding blogsite that features pictures of girls from around the internet, find coupled with humorous captions.
After a recent surge in traffic, recipe we are looking to expand into original photo content, interviews, and reviews of a myriad of entertainment mediums.

Our goal is to infuse humor with photos of girls who are also interested in promoting their own projects (music, modeling, acting, etc.)
and/or contributing reviews and interviews on subjects ranging from video games, to music, to fashion, and much much more.

Our hope is that this will turn into something that will benefit all involved; from the girls who submit and promote their own projects; to us who run the site; to the good folks who visit the blog and get no only a great source of entertainment, but can discover through interviews, reviews, and links, new and exciting content.

18+ FEMALES only
Must have something to promote, ie music, acting, blog, modeling, invention, business, talent etc.
OR would like to model for original photography for our reviews, captions, and stories.
Please send us a link to your site or a photo of you, (can be either safe for work or NSFW)

Canadian Border Patrol Cracks Down on Environmentally Unfriendly Vehicles

Officials from the Canadian Environmental Counsel, case announced Wednesday that vehicles that do not meet new emission standards will be charged an extra fee to cross border lines. The new fees will not, however, effect the complimentary hand job offered by border patrol babes.

Babe in Invisible Dress Takes Break From Playing Invisible Chess for a Round of Invisible Twister

According to Babezatron sources, medicine invisible is the new visible. You can see what we mean above…or can you?

Molester Still at Large

There is still no sign of the ass grabbing molester that has been terrorizing local girls. Til caught, discount forensic scientist will continue hard at work dusting for fingerprints.

Come On, Borat!

Come on!

Reverse Ceiling Mirrors Gaining Popularity

Looking up and seeing yourself getting busy may be a thing of the past. Reverse Ceiling Mirrors, price or Floor Mirrors, visit this as insiders have begun to call them, are quickly gaining steam and may become a floor-wide phenomenon before the year is through.

Girl Gives Birth To Dog

Local girl gave birth to a healthy 2 pound chihuahua last week. Doctors were baffled to find a dog inside a human girl, stomach “but that’s what you get when you have sex doggystyle”, claims doctor.

Torso Extensions Now Available

Short torso girls now have a chance at getting blogged after they go through excruciating painful process of getting their torso extended. “I only worry that blogs are too short to contain my longness” says long torso babe.

Love Hewit Loves Sponge Bob

Jennifer Love  Hewitt to star in live action production of Sponge Bob Square Pants, approved she will portray the character Huge Boob No Shirt.

The Big Three

Lindsey Lohan has been convicted of drunk driving and will be following Paris Hilton’s footsteps into jail. Lohan will be prepping for her mug shot photo shoot this coming weekend and will then check into her cell as soon as Monday.

NEWS UPDATE: Britney Spears seen practicing her drunk driving.


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Wizard of Zo

Zooey Deschanel is in talks with movie studios in developing several new Wizard of Oz titles. An adult remake called Wiz in My Oz-hole is also in the works.

Katy Perry for Esquire

Katy Perry poses for Esquire magazine also known as the gateway publication to the harder stuff. Fans and creeps alike predict fully nude photos to appear in the next 6 months.

Puffy Nips On Rise

Local statistician has made an alarming discovery, here “simply put, puffy nips are on the rise.¬† Which is directly related to the rise in my pants”, claims local statistician.

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