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Local Girl Walks Own Butt Without Leash

In a local neighborhood, recipe a girl has been seen walking her own butt without leash, local officers have given her several citations.

Clues to 2012 Found on Girl

The key to the complicated Mayan 2012 world ender mystery, approved is tattooed on girls left breast.  Anthropologists are diligently studying the tattoo with their anthropologist hands and face.

Latest Eyeglass Study

New eyeglass study reveals topless girl.

Conjoined Twins Sick Of Each Other

Heather and Jenine decide its time to split up.

Jersey Shore Girls Make A Deal

Mtv ‘s Jersey Shore Girls makes deal with local douche bag to fist pump those fist in a new series called “Fist Pumpin Ass, sick Girls of Jersey Whore”

McQueen Dead, Babes Sad

Steve McQueen dies 29 years 9 months ago and babes are still super sad. Fashioner Alexander  Mcqueen committed suicide today, viagra 100mg oops. The McQueens are said to meet in the afterlife, approved “There is only one McQueen”, says dead Steve Mcqueen. A battle to the birth will take place soon. Topless sad babe to referee match.

Staring May Help Vision Loss

Local optometrist says staring at nipples straight on for 10 minutes a day may improve vision. “The distance between  nipple to nipple is a ratio that is similar to the distance from eyeball to eyeball, viagra order and soothes the receptors”, says optometrist.

Butt Models on Rise

As more females graduate college in a slumping economy and at a 10% unemployment rate, help they have been abandoning their skills learned at school and turning to butt and ass modeling. “I learned how to use my assets in a more useful way”, says local babe.  Babezatron has an intenrship program for aspiring ass models, please inquire and send your ass portfolio and we’ll review them vigilantly.

Jennifer Love Hewitt Not Engaged

Rumors of her engagement to loser Jaime Kennedy have been blown out of proportion. “I am in no rush, viagra and still want to be in gang bangs for some time, and Jaime being the loser that he is, understands”.

Dentist Advice Against Post BJ Brush

New studies show that brushing teeth immediately after a BJ is more destructive than good. By brushing you would then kill all the helpful little sperm babies that are actively killing plaque and the taste of slut mouth.  Dentist advice to set up an appointment for an oral checkup.

Babe Takes “Flash Me” Request Too Literally; Blinds Boyfriend


In Northern California, sick a college freshman was blinded when he innocently requested that his foreign exchange girlfriend flash him. The babe, more about not familiar with the American tradition of flashing, illuminated her face and neck region to such high levels that doctors have said the young man will be lucky if he ever sees his GF’s bodacious ta-tas again.

Upsidedown Confusion Awareness

girls law loitering naked nude bathroom

Upsidedown Confusion, order a rare but a curable disease,  claims girls’ afternoon. Local girl hit with an episode of upsidedown confusion, causes brief hysteria in a local bath house.

Merry Holidayz


perfect ass lingerie thong garter belt

Local babe wishes you a merry holidays and a prosperous new year!

Drinking Problem on Rise


Girls with drinking problems are on the rise, try concludes local survey. 60% of the problem drinking situations included beverages spilled all over chest/t-shirt. Only 1% of the problem drinking can be associated with drinking too much, pharmacy ” because come on, there isn’t really too much drinking a girl can do”,  says local survey author.

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