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Rare Sun-God Print Blanket From Ancient Mayan Civilization Found in Photo of Babe


As research scientists from around the globe were preparing for their nightly ritual of self pleasurevation, cialis 40mg many noticed something a bit out of the ordinary in the background of a hot babe pic. After finishing up, decease a flurry of emails where exchanged amongst the top minds in several research fields, all of whom agreeing that the blanket that lay behind the girl that they want to lay was indeed an ancient relic from the Mayan Civilization. The archaic piece of linen contains a rare picture of the Mayan Sun-God. The blanket is now in transit to a research facility in Ireland, and should arrive after researchers get a chance to smell it first.

No Shirt More Service

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Cities around the country are adopting a “No Shirt, recipe More Service” rule. Local manager says, click “why discriminate against babes who want to not wear shoes and shirts, I have no right to deny them comfort while they patronize at local shops”.

Babes Vote – New Cut-Off Time For Drunk Dialing


Results of a National Babe Vote(NBV) regarding the cut-off time for horny dudes to drunk dial them is causing a stir amongst drunk night owls. Strip club regulars and poker game players who think their buddies don’t notice them texting alike are concerned that the decision to lower the cut-off time for a drunk booty call or a jealous tirade to 3am, viagra order am instead of the traditional 4am, click will not allow them enough time to have “just one more, and then call.” Horny dudes are set to appeal in front of some supreme babes following Thanksgiving weekend.

AAA to Now Offers Double D’s

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The long standing roadside assistance company AAA, unveiled their latest in customer service packages this week, rolling out ‘AAA/DD,’ in which the company sends hot babes out to fix your vehicle. The new program, which is a bit more costly than the traditional roadside services, provides not only assistance, but ASSistance as well.

Editor’s Note: These babes may not actually be able to fix your car….but who cares?

Local Girl Sneaks Into Offices

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Bored local girl has been sneaking into offices around the metro area and taking topless photos and stealing diet cokes from your office’s fridge. The police have named her, pills “the topless diet coke bandit”. Unofficially they have named her “what a fucking slut”.

Run-By Water Balloonings on the Rise, Officials Say


The number of babes falling victim to run-by water balloonings is on a steady rise, capsule officials said Sunday. Said one official, “most of these babes don’t mind showing a little boobage; but it’s November for crying out loud.” For the time being, babes have been advised to wear thick coats or just go topless.

Cowgirl and Indian Showdown

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At sundown, page local cowgirl and Indian babe will battle to the barebutt. Winner will receive bragging rights and a coupon to buffet at local Indian Casino.

Motorola Droid Phone Preferred

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Many babes prefer the new Motorola Droid phone over iphone. Handful of babes are currently testing out the phone. Official results to be announced soon.

Pippi Longstocking To Return

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Feature film version of the beloved Pipp Longstocking is currently in talks amongst a few of your aunties who remember that character. “Remember Pippi Longstocking? They should make a movie about her”, view says your eldest cooler auntie.

Amendment to Necrophilia Laws

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Recent protests have left judges with no other choice but to make an amendment to necrophilia laws, view allowing sex with the zombie undead.

NEWS UPDATE: California legalizes zombie marriage.

Halloween v2.0

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Local girls decided their Halloween party was not as awesome as last year, website like this and plan to throw another halloween party later this week. More info later.

Flu Shot Side Effects

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Flu shot side effects have been popping up across the country, site Local girl gets H1N1 vaccine and moments later symptoms of nakedness and vulnerability occur. Doctors around the world are trying to repeat these side effects.

Was This Babe in My Kitchen?

Babe –


My Kitchen-


If this babe will please contact Babezatron staff, there we’re gonna need you back in my kitchen immediately.

New Sexy Zombie Virus

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New zombie virus makes victims eat butt instead of brains.

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