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Poison Use Falls

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This Halloween crazies, see sickos, and pervs alike will reduce their poison use in candy due to the troubling economy. “I just can’t use as much poison as I’d like to, I have to pay off the windowless van eventually ya know?”, says local creep.


Twins May Not Be Twins

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Local twins were asked to take photos of themselves side by side to determine if they were in fact twins. Test are still inconclusive, viagra more testing is required.

Maid Service Adds Service


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Local maid service is adding a new service to their menu. Current services like making the bed, case cleaning, symptoms and dusting are still available. However if you wish for the maid to roll around and make a mess of your bed naked, well that can now be done.

Girl Falls In Love With Reflection

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Southern Californian girl falls in love with her own reflection. “It was love at first site”, buy says Southern Californian girl. The reflection had no comment at the time.

Polaroids copies Coke


Polaroids are back, ambulance and so is Coke New Formula. Great.

Balloon Boy Tries Again

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Balloon boy will try to ride in babes C cup balloons. Scientists believe it is physically impossible to ride a babes C cup breasts, order however that will not hinder his attempt.

Running Trains

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Running trains on trains has become a new hobby amongst bored unemployed members of society. Train conductor says, clinic “I’ve seen alot of trains being run on poor hot babes”.

Hiding In Closets

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Hiding in closets was voted as the number one favorite past time activity beating out stealing friends french fries when they leave the room.

Crazy Babes On Rise

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2009 will go down in history for economic disasters and the rise of crazy babes. Some experts believe that the rise of crazy babes was the cause of the economic downfall of 2009, drugs some say it was risky bets on sub prime markets. This debate will go on for many years.

Nurse Accused of Reusing Equipment


A nurse in Fort Lauderdale, this site Florida, stands accused of reusing dirty medical equipment on patients……dirty, dirty, very bad equipment…

Mini Posh Spice Goes Wild


In an attempt to recreate the Spice Girl phenomena, link English scientists have created Spice Girl Mini’s. However Posh Girl Mini escaped from the lab and has reportedly¬† gone wild.

NEWS UPDATE: Girls Gone Wild signs deal with Mini Posh Spice

GM and Ford addons

general motors ford cars babes girls bailout nude carbabesGeneral Motors and Ford are adding free features to cars to entice buyers. Ford has already implemented a car full of babes features for its 2010 models.

Your GF is Sending Nudes to Your BFF

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Recent studies show that your girlfriend is sending nude pictures to your best friend forever, more about forever.

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