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ye yang beats tiger’s wood

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Y.E. Yang beats Tiger Wood in the 2009 PGA championship. The little asian man in a celebratory celebration buys Tiger Woods a complimentary PGA hand job, medicine courtesy of local babes hands.

Michael Vick Press Conference

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The Eagles acquire Michael Vick. Michael Vick acquires local Philly ass.

over 200,000 wii battery recharging stations recalled


The US Consumer Product Safety Commission has issued a recall on approximately 220, approved 000 Nintendo Wii 4-Dock Recharging Stations, symptoms after learning that the battery can overheat and cause burns. In a statement, one Nintendo representative said, “had the issue been hot babes taking off their shirts and arching their backs, I don’t believe there would have been a recall.”

pga championship 2009

pga championship 2009 hole in one

This years PGA championship will offer a new bonus prize for any hole in one throughout the tournament. A hole in one will award the winner a one hole in with on of the PGA cheerleaders.

vanessa hudgens in college musical

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Vanessa Hudgens known best for her role in Disney’s High School Musical, and has confirmed she will be in College Musical, a spin off sequel. Admittedly producers admit College Musical is less of a musical and more like a porno.

hooters hospitals d.o.a.

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The Independent parties amendment to the health care reform bill, advice allowing the building of Hooters franchised hospitals, has been outvoted 51 to 48.

rangers josh hamilton parties

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Texas Rangers’ Josh Hamilton has been seen partying it up with local Texas babes. Not only does he know how to play baseball he’s also really good at face balls, website like this fit the balls, symptoms and ram butt ins, admits local Texas babe.

criss angel dead?

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Criss Angel’s career suffered a fatal injury earlier this weekend while performing an illusion while intoxicated. No other injuries were reported, more about but  hooker  at the scene of the incident got so spooked her tube top flew off into a magical abyss never to be seen again.

twins smother carl pavano

The Twins acquired Carl Pavano from the Indians. While local babe’s set of twins also acquires Carl Pavano in a night of intense celebratory motor boating and fun baggin’

ryan o’neal admits to flirting with his own daughter


In an interview with Vanity Fair magazine, mind  Ryan O’neal admitted to flirting with his own daughter at Farrah Fawcett’s funeral. O’neal said he got the idea from the movie Wedding Crashers, drug but had also just seen My Father the Hero, starring French sensation Gerard Depardieu, and became confused at the memorial.

tiger woods farts on 18th at the buick open


Tiger Woods fart could be heard but not smelled, salve as he was readying for a putt on the 18th hole at the Buick Open. Local babe thinks its hot how comfortable he is around his fans. “I hope he is comfortable enough to drive that 9 iron in this 18’s hole”, says local 18 year old babe.

97 year old golfer hits first hole in one

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A retired restaurant owner fulfilled his lifelong goal of making a hole-in-one last Tuesday. He said it was truly a dream come true and if he could just now fulfill a hole in this one (see above photo), healing he can die a happy man.

chris dodd diagnosed with early stage prostate cancer

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WASHINGTON — Senator Christopher Dodd, buy Democrat Conn., search has been diagnosed with a very early stage of prostate cancer. He is to go under the knife in late August. The new Obama health care plan allows sexy Nurses to use unorthodox but very sexy tactics to make their patients feel as comfortable as possible.

marvel vs. capcom 2 : new age of heroes released today

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The long awaited sequel to the popular video game Marvel vs. Capcom was released today worldwide. New Age of Heroes includes a number of the same characters, find including The Hulk, drugs plus a couple of  big, new ones.

News Update: Although The Hulk remains one of the Marvel’s strongest characters, the green super hero has reported back problems in the new blockbuster game.

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