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miley cyrus pregnant pictures

miley cyrus pregnant nude

miley cyrus nude naked

A lactating miley cyrus has been sending nude photos of herself to her potential fathers of her baby. Who’s my baby’s daddy song being recorded this week. Leaked tracks will be available shortly.

iphone users can still whore it up in style

iphone polaroid nude

The recent discontinutation of polaroid films had emo scene girls in a serious panic. Thankfully iphone has several polaroid style effects for the digital camera that mimick the classic high art slut look. Now once again anyone can pretend to be a photographer and trick girls into posing topless. Cheers!

fourth of july moved to the 7th

fourth of july flag girl

This years fourth of July will be moved to July 7th due to fireworks delivery delays.

Jon and Kate fear some kids showing slutty tendencies.

jon and kate kids

Jon and Kate, what is ed of the hit tv show Jon and Kate plus 8, prescription worry that some of their kids are mimicking their whoring ways. John says, “I began to worry when I saw Aden coming home during nap time with a couple of fatties from the playground.” Kate, “The girls are already taking pretend self shots on their toy phones”. Jon, “oh well, they learn from the best.”

bernie madoff sentencing bores the internet

white_pants_ass1Bernie Madoff was sentenced to 150 years without the possib… booooriiiingggg.

billy mays dies before he unveils newest product

billy mays dead nude

Billy Mays, salve untimely death at age 50, pharmacy comes at an untimely time. He was in production to launch a new product that was able to retrieve nude photos off ex girlfriends camera phones with the greatest of ease. “Tired of having to hack into babes phones to retrieve noodz !?’ screamed Billy Mays, on set of his now cancelled show Pitchmen. He will be missed.

michael jackson face dies


Slippery babe witnesses the king of pop, viagra 100mg Michael Jackson’s face die. Rumors of Michael Jackon dying have been blown out of proportion, viagra his heart is fine, it only his face that has passed on to the other side. Again, Michael Jackson is not dead, just really weird looking.

jenny sanford to pose nude

naked smoke

Jenny Sanford, viagra 100mg wife of South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford, said in passing, she wouldn’t mind posing nude with an Argentine man.¬† Next door neighbors have been waiting for years to get a glimpse of some naked governess action.

toe fetish lovers are confused about toe thumbs on hands.



Megan Fox, visit web star of the upcoming Transformer 2 movie, site has confused many toe fetish lovers. “I want to see a topless naked Megan Fox, and but at the same time what the deal with that thumb?” asks 15 year old aspiring toe fetish perv.

NEWS UPDATE: Megan Fox will be topless in the upcoming Thumb Wars episode 4 dvd.

Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland excites gothic babes.


The trailer excited gothic babes around the world. Throwing away all their Nightmare Before Christmas striped clothing/accessories, more about anticipating new Alice In Wonderland striped accessories to replace the old. Gothic experts believe there will be a spike in topless goths in the coming months.

Golf ‘s 2009 US Open confuses babe.


when asked about the 2009 US Open, more about babe innocently and sexily says “was the US everclosed, pilule hehe”. How adorably hot.

NEWS UPDATE: Lucas Glover agrees this babe “is effin hot, I’d give it all away to bogey all over her face”.

nestle cookie dough recall

cookie ass

The FDA does not trust that consumers can resisit the temptations of of eating  the contaminanted raw cookie dough, physician as a result the FDA has recalled nestles cookie dough until further notice. A protest rally has begun in front of the FDA building, consiting of mostly aunts and cat owners.

iran’s president ahmadinejad terrified of tweeters


ahmadinejad’s recent twitter post, pharmacy asks twitter users to please not change their avatars to green.

NEWS UPDATE: according to ahmadinejad’s twitter, “he is totally going to mahmood’s rager tonight. SEE YAZ THERE!!! lol”

iphone activation server is temporarily unavailable


babes wait anxiously for their apple iphone 3.0 update to work.

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