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girls gone wild : fathers day edition postponed

pyramid ass

Due to misprinted dvd packages, purchase the Girls Gone Wild Fathers day edition dvds will be postponed until Veterans Day.

zicam recall worries axe fragrance users

zicam recall

The recent Zicam recall issued, buy due to risk of permanent loss of smell, more about has axe fragrance users in a panic.

“How are babes going to know I’m lurking around them up in the club?”, asks worried devoted Axe user.

Axe scientists are frantically working in the lab developing an extra obnoxious strength fragrance . In the mean time Axe users are told to use one can for each armpit.

kim jong il inadverently creates nuclear mega babe.


north korean scientists forget to carry over the 1 in nuclear bomb formula and inadverntly create a nuclear mega babe. she is immediatly given a huge framed picture of the great leader and told not to sign on to ever.

naked babe doesn’t care about swine flu.


naked babe: ” i don’t even care about swine flu “.

NEWS UPDATE: naked babe probably doesn’t care about N1h1 either.

2009 NBA Lakers Champions Eiffel Tower Celebration.

lakersWin copy

Los Angeles Lakers’ Kobe Bryant and Derrik Fischer , prescription current 2009 NBA champions, viagra order to gang bang local Orlando white girl in an attempt to start new championship win tradition.

NEWS UPDATE: Local Orlando white girl super sad. Phil Jackson says Orlando Magic’s nachos not as cheesy as previous years.

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