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Congrats to the Seahawks

Congrats to The Seahawks for their first Super Bowl title in this Sunday night beatdown of Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos 43-8.

2 Chainz – Birthday Song (Explicit) ft. Kanye West

2 Chainz – Birthday Song (Explicit) ft. Kanye West, medical information pills Director Andreas Nilsson

The 6 Weirdest Places People Have Been Caught Having Sex

The floor of a McDonalds toilet

There’s something to spontaneity, search the unmistakeable romance of the take-me-right-here-I-can’t-wait-to-fuck impulse that overcomes you when the moment’s right. And then there’s getting jiggy on the floor of a McDonald’s toilet. And never – NEVER, order you hear me – shall the two meet. If you really, sick really need to – be a man and find a cubicle. Modern love, I ask you. [The photo is unrelated, but I love it]

On a bridge in Estonia

Let’s start with the obvious here: it’s broad damned daylight in these pics. On a bridge that, from the look of the urban background, is not exactly the middle of nowhere. Stupid? Yes. Exhibitionists? Possibly. If you look closely you can see a bottle of something strong next to them, which may just explain why they’re horizontally jogging high above the ground on a precarious ledge with no handrail. Horny idiots.

In a cable car

I have to confess, this isn’t that weird. In fact I have to additionally confess that many years ago I did the same in order to win a bet (and, let’s face it, because it’s a really fine place for nookie). What I absolutely love is that they now have a sign warning that “it is risky to conduct intimate behaviour aloft”, with a little no-sex logo in case you don’t get the idea. Which is Wonderful.

In a coffin

Sex and Death. No matter how many times we try to convince ourselves they’re seperate, they’ll always be a couple in a Chinese funeral home to remind us that actually, thinking of the afterlife get us off. Perhaps it’s the realisation that our lives are but brief flashes of relatively meaningless existence and we should enjoy ourselves naked as much as possible. Perhaps people just get horny around coffins. These guys sure did.

On Google Earth

Is it real? Was it staged? Who cares – this Australian couple and their trouser-at-half-mast-salute is about the best way to stick your fingers up at surveillance society I can think of. Alright, if you look closely there may be some anatomical issues that mean – unless he’s a very flexible man indeed – they’re probably not really in the act, but they’re minor internet celebrities for a reason.

On a street corner

On the opposite end of the spectrum we have the Google Handjob, a man caught in the act of receiving professional help in what must be the least romantic location ever seen. Apart from the fact our professional appears to be conversing with a stranger across the street, you have to remember there’s a van with a giant goddamned camera on top rolling slowly towards them. I’m curious, was there nowhere better? A phone booth? Even a McDonalds toilet would be more romantic…

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Andre the fucking giant and some fucking vintage babes.

Miley Cyrus + Terry Richardson, Whats She Up To This Time?

Miley Cyrus Mtv VMA 2013

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Miley Cyrus | We Cant Stop | Music Video

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