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Happy Fathers Day 2012

Apple will be launching there own version of Google Maps in the upcoming iOS6 platform. Features include, dosage turn by turn, cheapest voice activated Siri, malady Yelp integration, 3D maps and even street view.

In order for Google to compete, we suggest creating Google Gspot Maps, an additional feature to the maps, giving the voice turn by turn prompt, to sound like shes on the verge of having an orgasm. “In 300 feet, turn left, oh yea thats the spot, turn now, turn, ooooh, fuck, yes…you have arrived”.

Fathers like nothing more than a naked babe to walk by during your boring Father’s Day Brunch. So do him a solid, cost hire one of many fatherless female models to walk nude in front of that shitty cafe you’re taking him to.

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